What a start to summer

Is it time to go back to school yet?

We got home from our cruise and on the way home I realized Selah felt warm with fever. We got home on Saturday and I took her in to the walk-in c linic on Sunday. I was concerned with the fact that we'd been out of the country and she was sick. That first day at the doctor's office they drew some labs which were normal, did a strep-test which was negative, and looked in her ears to rule out an ear infection. They let us go home saying that she must just have a virus of some sort.

She had to stay home on Monday since she was running a fever and she was not at all happy with that. She'd already missed a week of school since we'd been gone and was anxious to see her friends. Her only symptoms were a little cough and a fever. She actually didn't act like she felt just awful but these symptoms wouldn't go away. So I took her back to the doctor on Wednesday where they did a urinalysis which was negative. The doctor then put her on a 3 day course of antibiotics for "bronchitis".

Well, the following Wednesday she still had a fever. Since this was day 12 with a fever I took her back in and my doctor said that this was absolutely NOT normal and ordered all sorts of test. Another CBC, a Chem14, mono test, and although her lungs sounded clear she ordered a chest xray as well. Turns out she had pneumonia. Who'd have thunk it! She had to get a Rocephin shot which she HATED but she got better right away.

That was on Wednesday and on Friday Elliot woke me up saying that his throat hurt. I told him to take some Ibuprofen, that it was probably just allergies and drainage making his throat a bit raw feeling. I had to work that day and then had a dentist appointment. On my way home he called crying saying that he felt awful and that his temperature was 101. Great.

I was home for about 30 minutes before he started throwing up. He did it a few times before I finally caved and gave him a Tylenol PM which knocked him out. He p0assed out on the couch and slept until almost 11:00 at night when he woke up and threw up again. Then he couldn't stop. He threw up every 15 minutes or so for a while and then was able to get a little bit of sleep before he woke up and it started again. At 5:30 am I was in the bathroom with him when Hubby came in and said, "I think we should take him to the ER".

I took him in and he was completely dehydrated so they had to give him IV antibiotics for a couple of hours. He was, as usual, hard to get the needle in which was difficult to watch. His white blood cell count was sky high and that concerned me too.

I took him back to the doctor last Wednesday to have his blood drawn again. The doctor called that afternoon to say that other than still being a little dehydrated everything looked good. His wbc was down from 22,100 to 11,000.

Then this evening Hubby and I went to have dinner and Marleigh was babysitting. She called to tell us that Elliot had come home from swimming with a friend and was home for a bit before he said he didn't feel well and then threw up. Before we could get home she called us again to say he threw up again. Luckily, he hasn't done it since we've been home but WHY is he still throwing up?!

And the kids just came to give me some good night hugs. Tess felt hot so I stuch the thermometer in her mouth. Her temperature is 101.3.

Can't a girl catch a freakin' break?!