Fairies Don't Like Cats

Who knew?!

Here's a story worth sharing. The players are Me, Hubby, Elliot, and Orville the Cat.

NIGHT 1 - Elliot yells down the stairs...



"Hey, I'm gonna put this tooth under my pillow."

"All right. Night!"

NIGHT 2 - Elliot yells down the stairs again...

"Hey Dad!"


"The tooth fairy didn't come last night so I'm going to leave my tooth under my pillow again. OK?"

Looking at me with a guilty face Hubby replies, "Um yeah. I bet she'll come tonight."

NIGHT 3 - Elliot yells down the stairs AGAIN...

"Um, Dad?"

Horror comes to both hubbies face and mine as we realize Elliot has been stood up by the tooth fairy yet again.

"Yeah buddy? What is it?"

"She didn't come again. I'm going to leave my tooth under my pillow, ok?!"

"Hey, is Orville in your room?"


"Elliot, did you hear me? Is Orville in your room?"

"Well yeah. He always sleeps with me. Why?"

"Fairies don't like cats. That's why the tooth fairy hasn't shown up."

I'm not sure how he did it but hubby said this in such a convincing tone that a look as if to say, "Seriously?!" came to my face.

"Dad, quit it! That's not true."

"I'm serious. She won't come if he's in there. Fairies don't like cats."

"Whatever Dad!"

NIGHT 4 - Yep, how awful is it that it went on this long? I think the kids' tooth fairy needs to be fired!

This time I was laying in bed, hubby was taking a shower, and Elliot came into my room with his tooth in a baggy.



"Hey, I'm going to leave my tooth under Daddy's pillow since fairies don't like cats. OK?"

"Oh good idea. I bet she'll find it there."

Hubby got out of the shower and I filled him in on the tooth under his pillow. I said, "He left it here since fairies don't like cats."

"Yeah, weird huh? You know Tinkerbell? She can't stand felines."

How's my husband know Tinkerbell?

You know, I think it might be stairs that Fairies don't like.


Thirteen years

Wow. Hard to believe it's been that long. What is it they say, "Time heal's all wounds". Whatever. I disagree.

Thirteen years ago today I stood next to my Mother in her hospital bed. She'd been delirous since the day before and we knew it would end soon. My step-dad made the decision to remove the oxygen tube from her nose, knowing that she wouldn't be able to take enough oxygen in on her own.

I'm sure they'd talked about what she would want done in "the end". I have no doubt, now that I'm a wife myself, that they had discussions of how long she would want to go on in the state she was in.

At the time though I didn't realize that. I was hurt and angry that my step-dad wouldn't let her have the oxygen. She grabbed at her face, in what I thought was an attempt to put the tube back. It was by far the most difficult thing I have ever watched.

And then she was gone.

The chaplain came in to pray with us. As we all gathered around her bed, I remember looking over at my little sister and seeing the confusion in her eyes. I remember standing on the left side of my Mother, holding her hand. She'd had surgery days before and there was an area on her side that was bandaged. I remember it started to ooze as we prayed. I covered it up, dabbing at the blood coming from under the bandage. I needed to take care of her. To be sure she was whole.

And then we left.

Just two days prior we stood in her room laughing and joking. She was in good spirits and was feeling well. The elderly lady in the room next to her coded and doctors and nurses from all over the Cancer Treatment Center were paged to her room. Her family gathered outside of the room, watching them work inside on their loved one. I remember my Mother telling us to shut the door. She didn't want the family to see that we were happy in our own little world. She wanted to respect that they were hurting.

Two days later it was us in that situation. Only there was no code. No rush of doctors and nurses. No heroic measures to keep her on this earth. Just a quiet group of family, all sobbing silently, watching our favorite person pass on without us.

I was 19 years old. Too young to lose a Mother. Still in need of guidance from her. I've grown up some since then. Become a wife and Mother myself. Countless times I've needed her. Needed to ask her a question on raising my children or being a wife. Needed to tell her of accomplishments or disappointements that have come my way. Needed her to care for me when I was sick. Needed her support when I didn't think I could make it through.

Thirteen years. Wow.


10, 9, 8, 7...

The countdown begins.

Ten more days of school left this year. I can't believe how quickly it seems to have gone. Why is it that when I was young and in school the months and years just seemed to drag on. Now that I'm the mom, watching my kids go through it all, I'm wanting to just freeze time because it's happening too fast.

Marleigh "graduates" from elementary school this year. Next year all four of the kids will be in school. I'm uncertain as to what I feel. Part of me is glad that my days won't be filled with wiping bottoms and watching Noggin all day long. That's a very small part though. The biggest part is feeling a bit lost. I actually like Noggin. I like watching it with Tess and although she can be such a little terror so much of the time she can also make me giggle like no one else can. I think I'll be really lonely without her home during the day.

Selah will be moving on to Kindergarten. She's in her second year of Pre-K right now and I wish I could just leave her there. I guess at some point the other kids will make fun of her though, huh? She turns 6 in just a few short weeks so I'm starting to get into birthday party planning mode. We're doing a Japanese theme party. I'm kinda excited about this one. I tend to go a bit overboard with parties but I can't help it. I'm sick that way. I was just looking around online for cake ideas and found this http://www.notmartha.org/tomake/hostesssushi.html How cute are THOSE?! I think I might make some but will probably have to get a "real" cake as well. We'll see.

Thanks again for all the well wishes for Selah. She's just about "normal" again. Although she still sounds funny when she talks. She has a very nasal-y sound to her voice. I can't tell if it's because her throat is still swollen a bit or if she's making herself sound like that. I mentioned it to hubby last night and he commented on how I always have a very sick voice that I use. A bit of drama followed when I realized that he had it in his crazy head that I sounded like that on purpose when I was sick. Like, I wake up one morning not feeling well so I summon up this "sick voice". Whatever. I explained that I sounded like that because of the drainage living inside my head. Goof.


I want my tonsils back!

Well, we're back and doing ok. The surgery went well, no complications. Usually they have you stay 2 hours after the surgery but we got a free ticket for a bonus hour because Selah threw up and they needed to be sure she wasn't going to keep doing it. She was able to have some jello and Sprite after surgery and she didn't want it but they wouldn't release us until she had at least half of it. She was such a trooper and wanted to go home so badly that she just keep taking small sips and bites until they finally said we could go.

At home she spent most of the day sleeping on the couch. All she had all day was a small yogurt that she wasn't able to finish, the Sprite that we brought home from the surgery center, and a couple licks of a popsicle. She wasn't able to keep anything down and we ended up having to give her some Pheneragen gel to help with the nausea. Luckily she was able to sleep fairly well with her pain meds.

This morning she woke up and said she didn't feel good and that her throat and ears hurt. She said, "I want my tonsils back!" Bless her heart. It's so hard to see the kids feeling cruddy, especially when there just isn't a whole lot I can do to make the pain go away.

The good news is that at about 11:00 Selah requested a pancake. She's addicted to them, and generally has one for breakfast every single morning. I gladly heated one up with her, thinking that she would take one or two bites and be done. To my happy surprise she ate the whole thing! And now it's 1:00 and she's just finished her second pancake. They are just the right consistency, especially when drenched in syrup.

She's still pretty puny and is just on bed rest but I imagine that by the end of the weekend she'll be all better. And hopefully without those tonsils and adenoids she will be much healthier.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers, we sure do appreciate them!


Tonsils and Adnoids and Tubes OH MY!

Yep. We're off in about 10 minutes to have Selah's first surgery. Actually, it's the first time for any of the kids to have major surgery. I'm nervous. I know it's routine, but I'm still nervous.

She's had several bouts of strep throat already this year. And apparently, although she's never been one to suffer from lots of ear infections, she has a lot of fluid in her ears. So we'll just have it all taken care of in one fell swoop.

I'm hoping for a very fast and easy recovery. I hate seeing them in pain. It just stinks!

Wish us luck!