Holy Hormones Batman!

This has been quite a week in our household. On Monday, I woke up feeling awful. AF (Aunt Flo for those who aren't familiar with her) showed up on Sunday and I was crampy and crabby. I also had a horrible headache that got worse and worse as the day grew longer. Elliot complained all morning of an awful tummy ache and ended up staying home from school. Then Marleigh called around 11:00 to say she felt bad so I had to pick her up from school early.

The three of us lay around the house most of the day, nursing our ailments and hoping it wouldn't last long. By 4:00 my head hurt so badly that I thought I would hoark. So off to bed I went. The kids came in periodically to check on me and ask about dinner. Finally at 5:40 I told Marleigh to come get me at 6:00 when dinner would be done and I'd come get it out of the crock pot.

When she came to get me up I went into the bathroom and she followed me in and sort of hung around. As I was washing my hands she finally spoke up with, "Mom. I think I may have started my period." If not for my horrible migraine I probably would have had more of a reaction. As it was, with my head bowed so not to disturb the pain I moved my eyes toward her and asked her what made her think that she'd started. I was doubtful that it was truly her time. After all, I was at least 12 if not 13 when I started and here she is just 11.7 years old. I figured she'd had some discharge that she just wasn't used to.

She told me that the day before she went to the bathroom and had some "stuff" in her panties. She didn't really think anything of it until just then though because she'd gone in to the bathroom just before waking me and it was there again. Still doubtfull, I asked her to show me. Sure enough, my little girl had started her period.

That was 3 days ago. We've made it through her wearing pads for 2 days and then deciding she wanted to give tampons a try. I am so thankful that she feels comfortable enough to come to me with questions and isn't trying to figure things out on her own. Let me tell you, helping your daughter...the same one that you nursed and changed diapers for...insert her first tampon is quite a wild ride. It doesn't seem possible that I have a daughter old enough to me going through this. Apparently I do.

This evening those awful hormones got the best of her. I picked her up after school (where she was supposed to stay late for a choir practice but didn't because her tampon leaked all over the place) and we went directly out to shop for clothing for a wedding this weekend. It was several hours before we made it home and then she got started in on her homework. Of course, she chose the busiest room in the house to work (the living room) and after acting frustrated with the noise I told her she could go to my room and work on my bed. Several minutes later when I went to check on her she was sitting on my bed sobbing. I asked her what was wrong and she responded with, "I don't want to be 11. I don't want to go to school. I have so much homework, it's just too much! I can't do it!" I finally got her calmed down enough to take a deep breath and realize that the changes she's going through are making her feel completely overwhelmed. Now 2 hours later she's just about finished and ready to call it a day.

Heaven help us when all 3 girls get their periods. Hubby may as well take Elliot and run away for at least a week every month.


Can we please?

Tonight we went trick-or-treating. Marleigh went with her friend. Hubby stayed home to pass out candy and make dinner and the rest of us all went out with our neighbor and her Dad. Thank goodness the Dad came because Tess got tired half-way-through and he ended up carrying her on his shoulder's. Gotta love those strong neighbors.

Tess was dressed as Rapunzel, Selah was a can-can dancer, and Elliot was the Energizer Bunny. We went through the whole neighborhood and got lots of goods. One family gave out bananas. Seriously. (That would be "seeweyuswee" in Selah terms, which she says all the time by the way.) Elliot was very nice at the door and came out to the curb and said, "Um, that's the new "penny person". They give out BANANAS!".

We got home and all three kids went through their candy, organizing it and getting ready to trade things with their siblings. Of course, while sorting it they each were munching on stuff. Elliot just went for the first thing he could get his hands on. Selah picked through several things, opening them and then deciding she didn't like it and then would move on to something else. (She doesn't like chocolate. I think she may have been switched at birth.)

Tess however, went straight for that banana. She's like that commercial where the kid is stacking up all sorts of fatty snacks to make a stool so they can reach the Life cereal. You don't think that happens in real life but it does.

I had a lot of fun tonight. And the kids came home telling Hubby how much fun they had, which made it even more fun for me. And then Selah closed the night with this...

"Can we go trick-or-treating again tomorrow night?"

Sure we can. Who cares what the neighbors say!


Mommy, why is the church man here?

Nothing like a visit from the preacher to really make you look at the way you're living. Right?

Hubby recently built a house that is right next door to our preacher's house. It's been finished for almost two months now and still no offers on it. We really need a contract on this house. So if you have any extra room in your prayers, a send up to the Big Man for an offer would be much appreciated!

So, when hubby built this house he and the preacher (JJ) put a fence up. Since JJ's house is next door, part of the fence is technically his. So he owed us a little bit of money for supplies. At church last Sunday he said he'd come by and drop off a check. Of course, we came home and made at least the front of the house presentable. He never showed up.

This afternoon was chaos. Marleigh had gone to her friends house to help her prepare for her birthday party. Then they showed up here to get some CD's to play. I was in the living room with the two of them making sure they chose appropriate music. Selah was in the living room watching tv and since we (Marleigh, her friend, and I) were talking she had it turned up really loud so she could hear it. Elliot and his friend who is spending the night were upstairs in the bonus room playing the X-Box. Of course they are screaming at the top of their lungs because you just can't paly X-Box silently. Then on the landing upstairs is Tess with her CD player blasting the High School Musical CD and singing at the top of her lungs. Like I said, it was chaos.

As I'm sitting in the living room with the girls I hear the doorbell ring. I fully expected it to be Marleigh's friend's father who had been waiting in his car outside. Instead, I hear Selah say, "Mommy, why is the church man here?"

I turn around to see our preacher in the door. There was nothing for me to say other than, "If you'd come by on Sunday, it would have been clean and quiet around here." He got a major taste for the real life in our house. Nice, huh? Ugh.


They really are exceptional

All too often I take my kids for granted. I just assume that all children are like mine. My kids fight and whine. They hate picking up after themselves. They blame everything on their siblings.

However, they are also exceptional. They are all able to sit and have a conversation with an adult. Like yesterday when Elliot took a costume over for a neighbor to borrow and was gone for twenty minutes. Turns out he went in and told our neighbor about the new music he was learning to play on the piano. He took the time to explain all the pieces of the costume to her. He told her 6 year old son he was sorry he didn't feel well. I take for granted that my children do these kinds of things. Then I think about my neighbor's son who is Elliot's age and could have more of a conversation with a brick wall then he could with me.

Last night I was reminded by a friend at church just how exceptional Marleigh is. As a Mother, it's always a treasure to hear someone talk about your child with such praise. But the comments I heard last night just made my heart leap.

Marleigh went on the Jr. High retreat last weekend. They went camping for 3 days and 2 nights out in the wild blue yonder of Arkansas. On the second day they were doing an obstacle course that was much like the ropes courses of my days. You know the kind, where you have to trust and depend on others to help you through. As Marleigh and several other friends jumped over a rope while still holding each others' hands, it was then Alex's turn to make the leap. Marleigh held her hand as she took her jump and cringed as she heard a loud snap upon Alex's landing. Thankfully, the person on the other side of her was an adult chaperone and he immediately told Alex, "Don't move. It's broken."

Marleigh has only known Alex for a few months. Yet she stayed by her side as the adults fashioned a stretcher out of a cot to get her to the car. Being in the middle of nowhere, the closest hospital was nearly an hour away. So when Alex was told she could bring a friend with her she chose Marleigh.

Last night my friend (the chaperone on the other side of Alex and one who also made the trip to the hospital) told me that he was so impressed with Marleigh's care and composure. He told me of how she stroked Alex's face tenderly, telling her it would all be ok. How she held her hand extra tight as they made their way through the bumpy terrain to get to the highway. That she kept Alex's mind off of the pain by sharing with her the story of Tess breaking her arm earlier this year and telling her funny stories about our crazy family.

At the hospital Alex was only allowed one adult in the room with her but was somehow able to con the nurses into letting her new friend Marleigh join them. And so Marleigh went back to sit by her side and help her not feel so alone.

My friend said he doesn't know many 11 year olds that can be as mature as Marleigh was that night. I feel so incredibly blessed that she's mine. At times like these, Hubby and I wonder how on earth we got such exceptional children. I need to say an extra prayer thanking the Big Man for choosing us to raise these wonderful kiddos.

Oh, and if you're wondering...Alex is doing all right. She dislocated her ankle and broke her leg in two places. From what I hear, if her ankle hadn't been dislocated she would have had a compound fracture. Ouch! It looks as though she won't have to endure surgery but she's been out of school all week. Marleigh's already been over twice to visit her. What a special girl!


Tomorrow I'm wearing tennis shoes

That's what Sela said as soon as she walked in the door after school today.

"Tomorrow I'm wearing tennis shoes. Know why? Because I can tie them now!"

She's so proud of herself. We wear lots of sandals and shoes that don't require tying around here. Not because she can't do it, they just tend to be cuter. I have never really worked with her to teach her to tie. I just knew she'd figure it out at some point. Sort of like at some point I figure she'll decide she shouldn't be sucking her thumb anymore. Right?

So today she got it. What a big girl!


I'll probably regret this

Watching my weight is a huge thorn in my side. It's been a constant in my life. It's way past old. For the last several months I've been like a yo-yo just moving up and down between 10 pounds. I get to the top of that 10 pounds and feel so disgusting that I get back on track, lose 10 pounds quickly, and then go through a couple days of bingeing and the cycle just starts right over. It's a pain. And what's so frustrating is that the bottom of those 10 pounds is actually 17 pounds MORE than where I was at one point earlier in the year.

So I'm tired of this yo-yo game and decided on Monday that I was going to get back on track and not give up when I lose those first 10 pounds. I've done great all week and am already down 10 pounds. But here's where the regret is coming...

I have a headache today. And I'm in a funk. And I just want to eat. I've been really good but then 4:00 rolled around and I ended up opening the bag of sugar free reese's peanut butter cups that I bought yesterday. Thank goodness it's a small bag with just 2 servings. I've got one cup left and then the bag will be gone. My willpower sucks. Ugh.

At least they're sugar free though, right? But the sugar free stuff usually gives me the worst tummy ache ever if I induldge too much. So I'm sure I'll regret that I ate this whole bag.

It's a viscious cycle. It really, really is.


Thank goodness that's over

Today's was Tess' last trip to the pediatric dentist in Oklahoma City. This was our 5th trip and it's just not any fun at all. Poor little Tess inherited Mommy's icky teeth. At her first ever trip to the dentist she had 7 cavities. Then when we went for more x-rays it turned out there were 10. So we were referred to a pediatric dentist who was more equipped to handle the amount of work that needed to be done.

After all was said and done, Tess has a total of 7 silver crowns on back molars as well as the enamel colored crowns on her two front teeth that she got today. $2500 on teeth that will fall out in the next 5 years. Nice, huh? Not so much.

In the beginning I gave her a weeks notice that she had an appointment coming up. Then she spent the next week being a huge terror knowing that the countdown was on. So then I tried telling her just the day before. That was almost worst. Well, until I just showed up in the parking lot without giving her any warning at all. That's when she looked around and said, "Why awe we herwah?!" That was way worse. I had to basically tackle her just to get her out of the car.

So I told her yesterday that her last appointment was today. She wouldn't get out of bed this morning. Then as we got closer to the office she got more and more upset. Until we were pulling onto the street of the dentist's office and she announced, "I don't want to go to da dentist. It feels like day awe widing a bike on my teef!" Never heard that one before. Poor thing.

Ah well, at least it's over. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the next time we go for a cleaning she doesn't have another 10 cavities.


Spys like us

First let me say that I am a big loser for not updating sooner! I often have things that the kids say or do that I mean to write in here. But the last month just seems to have gotten away from me. Obviously.

So last night we were all spys. We got "booed" a couple days ago. You get a package of goodies on your front porch with a picture of a ghost and a poem. The poem tells you that you must copy the picture of poem twice and "boo" two other people in the next 24 hours. Luckily, there was no warning like on some emails that I've gotten threatening me with my life if the task wasn't completed within 24 hours.

I got bags of goodies made up for our two neighbors across from us and when the sun went down last night we all got ready to boo. Sela and Elliot did one house, they ran across the street and rang the doorbell and then ran over to the side of the house. All the while, the rest of us are crouched down in the dining room watching through the window. We don't have a great view to that neighbor's front door but we did see the man of the house open the door and get the bag.

Tess and Marleigh got to do the other house and it was much more exciting. They had gone over once and placed the bag on the porch and ran but then we realized that only the dad was home. He must have been upstairs because although a light came on in the house no one ever opened the door. Then as Sela and Elliot were hiding in the bushes the rest of the family came home. Luckily they weren't found out. After they all unloaded from their car and got in the house Tess and Marleigh went back over and rang the doorbell again. This time they came to the door and opened it. They must have been pretty excited to get booed because they immediately went to their study (which we have full view of) and copied the papers. Then they hung the ghost in the window so everone would know they'd been booed. The Dad went outside and looked around and messed with some of their Halloween decorations. He was just several feet away from Tess and Marleigh hiding in the dark at one point but lucikly they made it home safely without getting caught.

It was fun watching the look on the neighbors faces when they saw their goodie bags. But what was even more fun was crouching down in our dark house acting like spies and seeing the looks on my own kids faces!

We'll definitely be booing again next year!


No deal

Hubby called me earlier. He found out that they are interviewing 4 people today and then 4 more tomorrow for the position I applied for. Obviously I'm not one of them. I'm sad. I thought I'd at least get an interview. Hubby's just downright angry. I feel bad for him. I know he thought that the hurdle would be convincing me to get a job. I don't think he (or I for that matter) realized I would apply for jobs and not get them.

I found out too that the first job I applied for has been reposted. The coordinator for that job did tell Hubby when I first applied for it that he appreciated me applying. That was nice. And we have heard that they are looking for someone with a degree and with no children. I'm out on both counts there.

I had to go to Oklahoma City yesterday for another dentist appointment for Tess. While we were there we went by the State Capitol and I filed my business registration papers as well as my LLC. So I'm official now. I guess I'd better get busy and build this business because it looks like my only option right now.


Still no word

No word on the job front. Applications had to be turned in on the 6th. I know they are really needing to fill the positions quickly because they are short handed. So I'm a little curious as to why I haven't heard anything yet. I'll give it till the end of the week before I decide that they didn't want me.

I've had a lot of interest in my sewing business lately which has me, once again, thinking I need to just concentrate on that and build it up. I'm going to look into manufacturing and maybe just jump right in and attend a trade show. Although I'm terrified of doing it. What if I go to a trade show and get so many orders I can't keep up. What if I go and not a soul buys my stuff.

I do have the name of someone to talk with who works in a showroom in Dallas. I think I'll go give her a call and see what she thinks. And I guess I should maybe put on my walking shoes and see if I can get my items in some stores. That might get me more exposure and increase sales and interest.

I'm rambling aren't I. I do that. Especially when I don't know what to do. My head hurts just thinking about it all. I think I need a bon bon.



I'm cleaning today. Which is a surprise in itself. Decided to tackle the kitchen counters that continually accumulate an immense amount of clutter. I'm not sure where all that junk comes from. But today is the day it's being re-routed. Mostly to the trash can.

So in one of the stacks I found an old grocery list that had some notes on it of Tess-isms I meant to add to my blog. Gotta write these things down so I don't forget them!

Spagarus - A green vegetable that Tess thought she might like until she tried it. As in, "Mommy, acshwee I don't think I wike spagarus".

Unguns - Another vegetable that Tess doesn't like. "Tess, would you like an onion ring?" "No Mommy, I don't wike unguns."

Pursons Sign - Another name for the sign you see next to a crosswalk. "Mommy, I don't know what dose pursons signs are forwh." "What signs Tess?" "Dos signs, wiff the pursons on dem."

And now I can throw this old grocery list away.

You can't dry a toothbrush

Well, you might be able to. But I knew she hadn't.

Last night I asked Selah several times to brush her teeth. I found her sitting on the couch after she was supposed to have taken care of it and this was our conversation.

"Did you brush your teeth?"


"Are you sure?" I didn't think she'd been in the bathroom long enough to really do it.

"YES!" She was getting defensive awfully quick.

"Ok" I said as I was walking out of the room, "I'm going to go look at your toothbrush to see."

"I cleaned it when it was done." Uh, huh. Sure you did.

"Well then it should still be wet then."

"Oh, I dried it". I don't think so.

"Nope, you can't dry a toothbursh Selah."

She stuck with her story as she got up to brush her teeth "again". On the way into the bathroom she's crying because she doesn't want to do it two times and I looked her in the eye and said, "You have one last chance to tell me the truth. If you lie you're going to be in big trouble. Did you brush your teeth already?"

Tears are getting bigger now and she quietly responds with, "No".

Little stinker! That was just a big huge bold face lie! She kept it up for a long time too. Why lie about something like that. She stresses me out.

On the job front, I didn't get the full time position I applied for. I'm relieved. I didn't really want it, the hours just freaked me out. I don't want to have to deal with not being here for the kiddos in the morning and after school. I did get a little competitive feeling though after I found out that one of my good friends had applied for the same job. She still doesn't know that I was up for it too. I didn't want the job but I didn't want her to have it either. Isn't that awful! As far as I know they are still interviewing for that position. Apparently they want someone with a degree. Not sure why, you can do that job without a degree. But I'm out if that's what they're looking for.

So another job with the same company came up and it would be perfect. I still don't know that I'm ready to go back to work but if I must then this position would be ideal. There are actually 3 positions available, all part time. Two are from 9:30 - 3:00 and one is from 10:00 - 4:00. I could be here in the morning to get kids to school and be home when they got home. Or pretty close to it at least. The applications closed yesterday and I got mine turned in. Guess who else has applied. Yep, my friend. The person who will be doing the interviews happens to also know my friend. And she knows me. And there is one other applicant that used to work in the same department 10 years ago before she got married and moved away. Now she's back. I'd love for the 3 of us to get the positions but there are 67 applicants all together. So now I'm worried that I won't get it. And that they will. I've pretty much come to the realization that I have to bring in an income. This is the one I want. Wish me luck.

Oh, and I found my scissors. Not before I went and bought a new pair of course. I came home one evening and Hubby told me that Elliot was messing around in Marleigh's room and found them in there. When asked she said, "Oh yeah, I think I did use them." I asked her why she didn't remember that when I was looking high and low for them. She claims I never asked HER where they were. Hmmmm, I'm not sure about that. Maybe that's where Selah gets her lying ways.


Who stole my scissors

I'm not sure where they could be. But it's really ticking me off that I can't find them. I really need my scissors.

I've been in a funk today. What's new huh? But today I'm frustrated that two of my clothing sets didn't sell on eBay yesterday. They were really cute. People all over the place are missing out because they didn't buy them. Seriously.

So I've been sitting here today wondering why I do what I do. And thinking about the fact that I'm going to miss it when I go back to work. I didn't get an interview with the first application I sent in. But there is now another job Hubby thinks I should apply for. And honestly the hours would work wonderfully so I guess I'll go for it. If I get it I won't be able to sew though, and that makes me sad.

And I think maybe I should stop making sets all together because they never do as well as I hope they will. I could concentrate on my website and the items I have there. But that' s just not nearly as fun. I don't get to make new things doing that. It's just always the same thing one after another.

So I just checked my email and I got another order from my website. Which leads me to think that it doesn't matter if it's the same thing one after another or not, at least it's a sale. Right?

But I need my scissors. I can't work without them and now I have a new order to get done.

Who stole my scissors?


More changes

I guess I need to just accept that changes are inevitable. They just seem to be happening non-stop around here lately!

Yesterday was Elliot's 10th birthday. We're having a party for him this weekend that I've just sort of thrown together. Haven't even had a chance to send out invites. I guess at this point I'll just call all the mom's to invite them. Hopefully everyone won't be booked so he'll have some friends there. I can't believe it's been 10 years since he was born. I remember it like it was yesterday. Wow.

Marleigh has her first boyfriend. Scary, huh? She's had several friends who have had boyfriends and I've always told her that she was too young for that. Then yesterday she got in the car after school and told me that Cody asked her to "go out with" him. I guess that's what they call it these days. I remember being in 6th grade and having Jesse Berenger ask me if I'd "go with him". I wondered where he wanted to go. Then I realized that was just what it was called when you were officially a couple.

So I got to thinking that never once did I ask my own Mother if I could go with someone. I felt good that at least Marleigh asked me first. I asked Marleigh what she told Cody and she said she told him she'd have to ask her mom. Good girl! So I took the opportunity to talk with her about what was and was most definitely not appropriate at her age. Then I spoke to Hubby about it and we decided that it probably wasn't that big a deal and that she knew right from wrong. I told her definitely no kissing and no talking on the phone with him non-stop. He's basically just a special friend I guess. It's strange though. My little girl has her first little boyfriend. Wow.

Sela is doing well in school. I'm worried that she doesn't have that many friends in her class. I guess I'll just need to make time on the weekends for her to get together with some other girls she knows. I ask her every day who she plays with and it's always Jasmine. Yesterday I asked if she ever played with Taylor and she said that Taylor only played with Jasmine and the other girls. So I guess Sela plays with Jasmine when she's free. I hope she'll branch out and make some other friends.

And Tess has her first little friend which I'm thrilled about. She never did pre-school like so many other kids do so she's never had her own friends. Just sort of shared Sela's friends. She says she plays with Victoria and Hadyn. This morning I dropped her off and she was being a little bit clingy with me until a sweet little blonde girl walked up with her Mother. Tess wouldn't leave my side before that but then this little girl walked up and she was ready to leave. I looked at the mother and said, "Is this Hadyn?" and she said, "Yes, and this must be Tess. She's all Hadyn talks about!". It felt good to know that the little girl that Tess has befriended likes her just as much.

Good times mostly. Lots of changes but still, good times.


Wow. It sure is quiet.

Today is the first day of school. Everyone has been sent off or dropped off and now here I am at home. Alone. No little people asking for a snack. No bottoms to wipe. No Noggin to turn on. Just quiet. Really really quiet.

I've had someone home with me for 11 years. I'm a mom. That's what I do. And now someone else is taking care of my kids during the day. I don't really like it.

Marleigh started middle school. She was excited and nervous and just a ball of energy this morning. She says she's so happy to be out of elementary school because she was, "like, sooo over that". She's definitely turning into a little teenager.

Elliot has a teacher that is new to the school this year. We met her last night and she seems very nice. She was just married 3 weeks ago, and as far as I know she's not taught before. Heaven help her. She's got a lot of little boys in that 4th grade class. I told Elliot to be extra good today. Don't want her to get scared off her first day.

Sela got the one teacher for Kindergarten that I didn't want her to get. While I'm sure this teacher will be fine, she's not the lovey-dovey type that I believe a Kindergarten teacher should be. And of all my kids, I think Sela needs that the most. The parents were supposed to stay with the kids this morning. So I went. The classroom was full of children playing and talking to each other and parents sitting at tiny little tables watching the kids. Then there was me, with Sela attached to me like a peel to a banana. I tried several times, unsuccessfully to peel her off and get her to play. She even knows kids in the class, but she just wouldn't leave my side. Eventually all but two parents (myself and one other) left and the kids headed out to play. Sela again wouldn't leave my side. The teacher finally came over and tried to coax her out onto the playground and I took it as my cue to leave. When I announced that I was going to head out Sela burst into tears. I finally peeled her off of me and transferred her over to the teacher. I made my way across the playground and looked back to see that she was still attached to the teacher. I had a ways to walk to get to my car where I got in and cried a bit at the thought of leaving my kids all in school and knowing that I'd come home to an empty quiet house. Then I drove around the front of the school in hopes that by now I would see Sela playing on the swings or talking with her friends. Instead, there she was still stuck like glue to the teacher. I hope she does ok. I hope the teacher makes her feel better.

Tess has been saying she didn't want to go to school because she didn't want me to be all alone. Bless that little girl. I took her in to Pre-K today and anticipated that she would act the way Sela did. Instead she sat down at a table and got hard at work doing puzzles. My baby, at school, doing just fine. Without me.

It's just strange. I wish I could freeze them all and not let them grow up anymore. I'm not ready for them to get big.

In other news, Hubby wants me to get a job. We could really use the extra income and we started talking about it a few weeks ago after he looked at our bills. At that point, we discussed that maybe when Tess enters 1st grade I could find a full time job. Then the next week Hubby looked at our bills and budget a little closer and things have just snowballed since then. There happens to be a full time job available that would be a lifesaver financially. But it's full time. And I'm dealing with my kids all being in school and now all of the sudden there is the possibility that I might not even be here for them on sick days and before and after school. Not to mention the summer. I decided that I would just apply and see what happens. I think the chances of me getting the position are slim and if I get it then I'll take it as a sign that it was meant to be. Except that the job is with a city office, which is where Hubby works, so he seems to be putting feelers out and thinks I might actually have a shot of getting it. It's one thing to just get it on my own and know that it was meant to be. It's another thing to have Hubby doing what he can to improve my chances of getting it. Then maybe it wasn't meant to be. Right?

I guess right now I'll just deal with the house being as quiet as it is. I'll worry about this job situation when and if they call me for an interview.


Long live the special dot

Well, it's still there.

We made it to Tulsa yesterday and were in the middle of Target, trying to do some school shopping when my cell phone rang. It was a nurse from the doctor's office calling from her cell phone.

She said, "I'm calling you from my cell phone because we've just lost all our power at the office and the Dr. wanted me to call you before you drove all the way here. Even if we do get the power back on he won't be able to work on Marleigh now today."


Nice of them to call me since I do live an hour from the office and gas is what, eight bucks a gallon these days. Ugh. Of course, I had already drug all four kids on the hour long trip and it was way past lunch time and we still hadn't eaten so no one was in a very good mood. Certainly not a mood to take that sort of phone call.

So now I guess we wait. I was supposed to get a call from the office today to reschedule but I never did. I should have called myself but truthfully I knew the chances of getting in before school starts next Wednesday would be pretty slim. So I suppose we'll plan to do it on the afternoon of Wednesday before fall break so she'll have the long weekend to heal. Not ideal since she really wanted it gone before she started middle school and met all these new kids but what can you do?

And as a side note, apparently a lot of residences and businesses in the area of the doctors office have been having electrical problems because of the heat. It was 110 yesterday. I'd say that's hot. I'm sure a certain someone I know will say this is coming back to haunt me because I ran my washing machine at the wrong time of day a couple weeks ago. And perhaps it is. But at least my family all had clean underwear on when we were driving that hour to get to Tulsa. I mean, what if we'd had a wreck and were all wearing dirty drawers?


Marleigh's special dot

When Marleigh was 4 months old, she developed a little spot under her chin. I remember it so vividly because it was right at the same time that she started eating cereal and it was that same khaki color that the cereal was. I was wiping her face one day and thought it was a spot of cereal but it didn't come off.

Over the next several months the spot grew larger and started to get darker. I'm not sure how long it was before it was the way it is now. But it currently is a large (nearly dime size) dark brown raised area. The kind of big mole that old ladies have with long black wiry hairs growing out of it.

As a little bitty girl, Marleigh referred to what we decided was a birthmark (although it wasn't there at birth) as her "special dot". I've always viewed it sort of like Cindy Crawfords mole. It's an area on Marleigh's chin that makes her, well... her. I actually think it is special. No one else has one. Just her.

But she's going into middle school this year and she's self conscious of this special dot that she now refers to as "the mole". She's told me that kids at school call her Marleigh Moley or Moley Mammoth. Why are kids so mean? I want to go beat those mean kids up.

So today we're traveling to Tulsa to have her special dot removed. I'm having my plastic surgeon do it. He doesn't normally do mole removals but since I've been such a faithful patient (not quite as faithful as Michael Jackson is to his surgeon) he is going to do it. I'm hoping she doesn't scar like I do. I'm hoping that instead of the mole she'll have what will eventually be a small little incision line that isn't noticed unless she points it out.

Another change. The end of the special dot.


Another year older, not any wiser

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm 33 years old now. I don't think I like it.

Getting older makes me sad. It makes me think about changes and I'm not really big on changes. My kids are getting big and I just don't like it. I know I should be looking forward to the great future we have with them growing up and having their own families. Trouble is I don't want them to grow up and have their own families. I'd much rather they stay small and here at home with me.

Getting older makes me think of all the things that I haven't done yet. All the things that I thought I would have done and now know that I probably never will. Missed opportunities that I didn't take because I thought I'd take them 'later'. Later never really comes does it.

My birthday comes just as the summer seems to be winding down. The kids go back to school on the 16th and I'm not ready. As crazy as they make me during the day sometimes I'm not looking forward to them all being gone. Tess will start Pre-K this year which means I won't have any little ones at home with me. I think that's the problem actually. I've had at least one of my kids at home with me for 11 years in a row now. In 2 weeks that will change and I've already stated how I feel about change.

I feel a nervous breakdown coming on. Scary.


Mr. Bufflockatoo

I've been meaning to jot down the story of Mr. Bufflockatoo before I forget it....

I was at Hastings a few weeks ago with Elliot, Sela, and Tess. All 3 children were pretty tired and cranky and we were trying to make some movie selections and get home. Elliot and Sela had their movies picked out and Tess, as usual, was giving me a hard time. By that I mean, she wanted one movie and I was telling her no so she was throwing a fit trying to get me to change her mind. Instead of giving into her fit I told her that we'd just have to look until she found a movie that I would agree on.

In the meantime, Elliot and Sela were bored out of their minds and ready to get home after a day of shopping. As we stood there waiting Elliot passed the time by braiding Sela's hair. I had no idea the boy could braid hair.

We finally made it out of the store and I commented on how nice Sela's hair looked. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: "Wow Elliot. I didn't know you could braid. When did you learn that?"

E: "I don't know. Marleigh taught me." He had a real everyone-who's-anyone-can-braid-and-it's-no-big-deal tone in his voice.

Me: "Hmmmm, well you did a good job. You know, one of these days you're going to make someone a very nice husband. And a great Daddy too."

E: "Yep"

Me: "You are going to get married and have kids someday. Aren't you?" I think I have a fear that my children won't provide me with enough grandchildren. So I thought I'd start the nagging early.

E: "I don't know. I guess so. I think I will."

Me: "Well, you're the only one with our last name. You have all these sister's and cousins but they are all girls so when and if they get married and have babies then they will have a different last name. It's up to you to carry on our name." Nothing like a little pressure from Mom. Right?

I wasn't sure if Elliot understood what I was saying. But without skipping a beat he glanced at Tess and replied very matter of factly with, "Yeah, I know. She'll be like Tess Bufflockatoo. And her husband will be Mr. Bufflockatoo."

To which Tess replied with, "I don't WANT to be Tess Bufflockatoo! I will NOT marry Mr. Bufflockatoo!"

I have no idea who Mr. Bufflockatoo is. As far as I know, Elliot just came up with that name on the spot. If there is a Mr. Bufflockatoo though I sure hope he's preparing himself because Tess is quite a handful!


*Orville update* Poor little Orville is back at the vet today. He's been in and out of the vets since I first postd that he was sick. I was trying to have them do anything they could other than this crazy $150 test to see if he had a "foreign body" inside his body. Over the weekend, he wasn't able to eat without vomiting so back he went today to get the expensive test. They'll call me with the results. I talked with my sister, who is the cats real owner, and she said that if he needs surgery she just can't afford it. I'm crossing my fingers that he doesn't need surgery.


That darn cat

Orville is sick. He's never been sick. I feel bad for him.

Orville is actually my sister's cat. She moved out of state several years ago and we sort of inherited the cat. Hubby hates cats. Really doesn't care for them at all.

Orville likes me. He loves Elliot. They are kindred spirits. Brothers. The only two little boys of the house.

Orville hates Hubby. Not good.

So Hubby has mentioned several times that we need to get rid of that darn cat because the whole house smells because of him. Actually, it's just his litter box. And he really is a good kitty. Never having accidents or getting into things or anything.

Saturday night Marleigh came in to tell us that Orville had just thrown up and peed in the living room. Great.

Sunday morning Selah came in to say that Orville had left 3 piles of hoark and 2 piles of tinkle upstairs while everyone was sleeping. Thanks for the present kitty.

Needless to say, Hubby shut Orville in the bathroom after that so any more accidents would be contained.

Elliot and I took him to the vet yesterday. It turns out that although it's incredibly rare in male kitties, Orville has a UTI. He has bladder stones as well, luckily not large enough that they'll need to be surgically removed. However, he's on medication for 14 days and on a special food for 4 weeks and then on a special "maintenance" food for the rest of his life. It's $1/can. For cat food.

Our vet bill yesterday was $200. I'm sure you can imagine that Hubby is not pleased.

Poor little Orville. I feel so bad for him, just shut up in the bathroom and feeling icky. Elliot and I gave him his medicine this morning and then half a can of his special food. He threw it up though. Which means I have to take him back in because he shouldn't be throwing up.

My sister has contacted a friend that she used to volunteer with at the Animal Rescue Foundation. We'll see if we can find Orville a new home. Although it makes me terribly sad.

This is Orville not long after he moved in with us. When my sister named him, he was still a little kitten and was all white. Then in his first year he turned yellow but has these "O's" on either side of him. How cool is that. And he has the most beautiful blue eyes. He really is a sweet kitty.


Go me!

Just a quick little brag on my part.

I was just sitting her looking around online. I really should be up doing laundry and housework but I figured sitting online would be much more fun. Actually, I do have laundry going. That's gotta count for something.


I decided to search one of the products that I sell to see if it would get pulled up. Well it did, which is pretty exciting in itself. I mean, something that little old me makes can be searched on this world wide web and then found by millions. Amazing.

What was really exciting though was to see that I was mentioned in a blog. Some chic who has a blog and writes about all sorts of nifty finds actually mentioned me in her blog. And no doubt sent people to me. That's actually the second blog that I've seen where someone has mentioned my products. Pretty exciting.

Now if only the people who visit my site would just place an order already then we'd be on a roll!


Slacker Blogger


Craziness. Pure craziness I tell you. The last month seems to have just flown right on by. I feel like the kids just got out of school and we're still adjusting to summer coming. Instead, summer is nearly halfway over already. What's up with that?!

We spent a good part of June getting ready for my step-cousins wedding in Colorado. I ended up taking Sela (who was the flower girl) and Marleigh (who just HAD to attend a wedding so she could dress up fancy). I drove and made great time getting there and would have on the way home too if it wasn't for that cop in Wakeeny, KS who slowed me down with a traffic ticket.

It was a busy but fun weekend filled with lots of wedding events. And non-wedding events too, like our hotel fire alarm waking us up at 12:45 a.m. which resulted in all the hotel guests being evacuated to the parking lot for an hour +. I just have one thing to say about that...it's cold in the middle of the night in Colorado.

We were all concerned that Sela would get to scared and not walk down the aisle. I had bribed her by telling her that she would get her ears pierced if she made it down. The night of the rehearsal she was all gung ho until we started the actual practicing and then she started sobbing. She was so terrified. Luckily, a nice bridesmaid and my step-niece who is just a few years older than Sela ended up taking her under their wings and she did great. She did awesome for the wedding and looked beautiful. I was so teary thinking about my little step-cousin getting married but also watching my own little girl walk down the aisle and knowing that in what will seem like a blink of an eye it will be her turn.

Immediately after the wedding was over Sela wanted to know when we'd get her ears pierced. We made it back home to Oklahoma and set off for Claire's at the first possible chance we had. So now she's sporting a great new pair of ear rings. Big girl.

We (the whole fam-damily as my step-dad would say) are in Dallas now enjoying some nice r&r. We actually go home tomorrow and it'll be back to the grind. The week started with a trip on Wednesday to visit Hubby's brother's in Oklahoma. We had a great day at the lake with all of our families. Then we headed here to Dallas to stay at the Gaylord Texan, the best place to stay if you ever make it out this way. We love it!

We even stopped in Checotah, Oklahoma on the way here and looked around for Carrie Underwood. Didn't see her but I got lots of neat pictures of the "single stop light", the "Sonic", and "Eufala Lake" where she used to catch crawfish. Driving out of town we stuck her CD in and all sang along to "I ain't in Checotah anymore". Cheesy, aren't we?

That's it for my mid-summer update I guess. I need to do better about writing in this thing. I keep missing out on great info to add. Like Tess in the bathroom telling me how fast Eli was because he had a big tail. Maybe I'll save that story for next time though.


Holding on

It's hard for me to realize how long it's been since I've really sat and just held my firstborn. Marleigh is 11 now and seems so much more grown up than I was at that age. I guess I get so caught up in the fact that I have "the little girls" that I forget that Marleigh is and always will be my first little girl.

Yesterday I went up to help her clean her room. Not just the normal cleaning that she claims to do when I say, "Go clean up your room." That cleaning generally results in things being shoved in drawers and in the closet and under the bed. Yesterday we actually cleaned all the hiding places and had a great purge of just-plain-junk that was hiding in all the nooks and crannies of her room.

At one point she was sitting on her bed and I was on the floor in front of her. I reached under her bed to grab something just as she bent over to grab the same thing and my fisted hand met her mouth. It was sort of comical the way it happened and so of course I let out a bit of a giggle until I saw that she was in pain. Marleigh tends to be a bit dramatic (now where on earth could she get that?!) and so at first I thought she was just mad because I was laughing. Then I realized that I really truly hurt her, hitting her right in her mouth and actually causing her lip to bleed just a bit.

As I apologized for hurting her, and held her to me rubbing her back it hit me that it's been way too long since I've had her in my arms. I can remember being a girl her age and still wanting to crawl into my own Mother's lap. Or just to sit with her on the couch while we watched Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune. And by sitting with her I mean sitting as close to her as I could without being on her lap.

As a grown woman I like my space. Maybe it's because there always seems to be someone in this house who needs something from me. But when I'm sitting on the couch I don't necessarily want to hold someone. Or even have them sit that close to me for that matter. Sure, I'll hold Sela or Tess more often because they are smaller. But the 'big kids' don't get nearly as much snuggle time as they should.

So for some reason, as I was hugging Marleigh yesterday I just thought, "I should do this more often." There was a time when she was our only child. Everything sort of revolved around her. Then 3 more kids were thrown into the picture and she sort of took the back burner. I think I'm harder on her because she's the oldest and 'knows better' a lot of them time. But that's not very fair of me. She's still a child. My child.

Marleigh, Sela and I will be going to Colorado in a week for the wedding that Sela is to be in. I was sort of dreading the trip up until yesterday. Now I'm looking foward to spending some time with my oldest. It's all to real how quickly she's grown. I need to cherish the years we have left together and let her know how incredibly much she means to me.


Over the River and Through the Woods

The kids are gone. All 4 of them. At the same time. They do this every summer and it's nice. Quiet but nice. Nana and Grandpa take them plus the 3 cousins all for a week of fun and fellowship at 'Nana and Grandpa' camp. Better them than me I say.

So they left yesterday. Hubby and I had a nice relaxing evening with no refereeing, no wiping bottoms, no playing nurse, etc. We watched 2 full movies with no interruptions and even started watching a third that was on tv, just because we could. Stayed up until just after 1:00 and slept in until 11:00 this morning. It's like college all over again.

The kids are officially out for summer, obviously. I haven't had a chance to update my blog here because things have been so busy. The last couple weeks of school were just insane.

Marleigh has 'graduated' now from elementary school to middle school. She's even categorized as a 'junior high' student at church now. I dont' like it. How'd she get so big?

And Tess will be going to school next year. Just Pre-K but it's all day long. Whatever will I do with myself? I'd better start making some money or Hubby will send me out to find a REAL job. Then I won't be able to sit and watch my stories eating my bon bons all day like I've done all these years as a stay-at-home.

Today is Sela's 6th birthday. I hate that she's not with us. Looking at the clock now it's 11:30, just 13 minutes until her actual time of birth. Hard to believe it's been 6 years already. We had her birthday party on Friday afternoon. It was a Japanese theme complete with little cakes in the form of bowls full of food and some fun sushi cakes I made. No more parties now until August. Whew.

The next big thing to tackle is my cousins wedding in a few weeks. Sela is the flower girl. Please please please God let her walk down the aisle and not wimp out. Amen.


Fairies Don't Like Cats

Who knew?!

Here's a story worth sharing. The players are Me, Hubby, Elliot, and Orville the Cat.

NIGHT 1 - Elliot yells down the stairs...



"Hey, I'm gonna put this tooth under my pillow."

"All right. Night!"

NIGHT 2 - Elliot yells down the stairs again...

"Hey Dad!"


"The tooth fairy didn't come last night so I'm going to leave my tooth under my pillow again. OK?"

Looking at me with a guilty face Hubby replies, "Um yeah. I bet she'll come tonight."

NIGHT 3 - Elliot yells down the stairs AGAIN...

"Um, Dad?"

Horror comes to both hubbies face and mine as we realize Elliot has been stood up by the tooth fairy yet again.

"Yeah buddy? What is it?"

"She didn't come again. I'm going to leave my tooth under my pillow, ok?!"

"Hey, is Orville in your room?"


"Elliot, did you hear me? Is Orville in your room?"

"Well yeah. He always sleeps with me. Why?"

"Fairies don't like cats. That's why the tooth fairy hasn't shown up."

I'm not sure how he did it but hubby said this in such a convincing tone that a look as if to say, "Seriously?!" came to my face.

"Dad, quit it! That's not true."

"I'm serious. She won't come if he's in there. Fairies don't like cats."

"Whatever Dad!"

NIGHT 4 - Yep, how awful is it that it went on this long? I think the kids' tooth fairy needs to be fired!

This time I was laying in bed, hubby was taking a shower, and Elliot came into my room with his tooth in a baggy.



"Hey, I'm going to leave my tooth under Daddy's pillow since fairies don't like cats. OK?"

"Oh good idea. I bet she'll find it there."

Hubby got out of the shower and I filled him in on the tooth under his pillow. I said, "He left it here since fairies don't like cats."

"Yeah, weird huh? You know Tinkerbell? She can't stand felines."

How's my husband know Tinkerbell?

You know, I think it might be stairs that Fairies don't like.


Thirteen years

Wow. Hard to believe it's been that long. What is it they say, "Time heal's all wounds". Whatever. I disagree.

Thirteen years ago today I stood next to my Mother in her hospital bed. She'd been delirous since the day before and we knew it would end soon. My step-dad made the decision to remove the oxygen tube from her nose, knowing that she wouldn't be able to take enough oxygen in on her own.

I'm sure they'd talked about what she would want done in "the end". I have no doubt, now that I'm a wife myself, that they had discussions of how long she would want to go on in the state she was in.

At the time though I didn't realize that. I was hurt and angry that my step-dad wouldn't let her have the oxygen. She grabbed at her face, in what I thought was an attempt to put the tube back. It was by far the most difficult thing I have ever watched.

And then she was gone.

The chaplain came in to pray with us. As we all gathered around her bed, I remember looking over at my little sister and seeing the confusion in her eyes. I remember standing on the left side of my Mother, holding her hand. She'd had surgery days before and there was an area on her side that was bandaged. I remember it started to ooze as we prayed. I covered it up, dabbing at the blood coming from under the bandage. I needed to take care of her. To be sure she was whole.

And then we left.

Just two days prior we stood in her room laughing and joking. She was in good spirits and was feeling well. The elderly lady in the room next to her coded and doctors and nurses from all over the Cancer Treatment Center were paged to her room. Her family gathered outside of the room, watching them work inside on their loved one. I remember my Mother telling us to shut the door. She didn't want the family to see that we were happy in our own little world. She wanted to respect that they were hurting.

Two days later it was us in that situation. Only there was no code. No rush of doctors and nurses. No heroic measures to keep her on this earth. Just a quiet group of family, all sobbing silently, watching our favorite person pass on without us.

I was 19 years old. Too young to lose a Mother. Still in need of guidance from her. I've grown up some since then. Become a wife and Mother myself. Countless times I've needed her. Needed to ask her a question on raising my children or being a wife. Needed to tell her of accomplishments or disappointements that have come my way. Needed her to care for me when I was sick. Needed her support when I didn't think I could make it through.

Thirteen years. Wow.


10, 9, 8, 7...

The countdown begins.

Ten more days of school left this year. I can't believe how quickly it seems to have gone. Why is it that when I was young and in school the months and years just seemed to drag on. Now that I'm the mom, watching my kids go through it all, I'm wanting to just freeze time because it's happening too fast.

Marleigh "graduates" from elementary school this year. Next year all four of the kids will be in school. I'm uncertain as to what I feel. Part of me is glad that my days won't be filled with wiping bottoms and watching Noggin all day long. That's a very small part though. The biggest part is feeling a bit lost. I actually like Noggin. I like watching it with Tess and although she can be such a little terror so much of the time she can also make me giggle like no one else can. I think I'll be really lonely without her home during the day.

Selah will be moving on to Kindergarten. She's in her second year of Pre-K right now and I wish I could just leave her there. I guess at some point the other kids will make fun of her though, huh? She turns 6 in just a few short weeks so I'm starting to get into birthday party planning mode. We're doing a Japanese theme party. I'm kinda excited about this one. I tend to go a bit overboard with parties but I can't help it. I'm sick that way. I was just looking around online for cake ideas and found this http://www.notmartha.org/tomake/hostesssushi.html How cute are THOSE?! I think I might make some but will probably have to get a "real" cake as well. We'll see.

Thanks again for all the well wishes for Selah. She's just about "normal" again. Although she still sounds funny when she talks. She has a very nasal-y sound to her voice. I can't tell if it's because her throat is still swollen a bit or if she's making herself sound like that. I mentioned it to hubby last night and he commented on how I always have a very sick voice that I use. A bit of drama followed when I realized that he had it in his crazy head that I sounded like that on purpose when I was sick. Like, I wake up one morning not feeling well so I summon up this "sick voice". Whatever. I explained that I sounded like that because of the drainage living inside my head. Goof.


I want my tonsils back!

Well, we're back and doing ok. The surgery went well, no complications. Usually they have you stay 2 hours after the surgery but we got a free ticket for a bonus hour because Selah threw up and they needed to be sure she wasn't going to keep doing it. She was able to have some jello and Sprite after surgery and she didn't want it but they wouldn't release us until she had at least half of it. She was such a trooper and wanted to go home so badly that she just keep taking small sips and bites until they finally said we could go.

At home she spent most of the day sleeping on the couch. All she had all day was a small yogurt that she wasn't able to finish, the Sprite that we brought home from the surgery center, and a couple licks of a popsicle. She wasn't able to keep anything down and we ended up having to give her some Pheneragen gel to help with the nausea. Luckily she was able to sleep fairly well with her pain meds.

This morning she woke up and said she didn't feel good and that her throat and ears hurt. She said, "I want my tonsils back!" Bless her heart. It's so hard to see the kids feeling cruddy, especially when there just isn't a whole lot I can do to make the pain go away.

The good news is that at about 11:00 Selah requested a pancake. She's addicted to them, and generally has one for breakfast every single morning. I gladly heated one up with her, thinking that she would take one or two bites and be done. To my happy surprise she ate the whole thing! And now it's 1:00 and she's just finished her second pancake. They are just the right consistency, especially when drenched in syrup.

She's still pretty puny and is just on bed rest but I imagine that by the end of the weekend she'll be all better. And hopefully without those tonsils and adenoids she will be much healthier.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers, we sure do appreciate them!


Tonsils and Adnoids and Tubes OH MY!

Yep. We're off in about 10 minutes to have Selah's first surgery. Actually, it's the first time for any of the kids to have major surgery. I'm nervous. I know it's routine, but I'm still nervous.

She's had several bouts of strep throat already this year. And apparently, although she's never been one to suffer from lots of ear infections, she has a lot of fluid in her ears. So we'll just have it all taken care of in one fell swoop.

I'm hoping for a very fast and easy recovery. I hate seeing them in pain. It just stinks!

Wish us luck!


My many hats

The other day Tess and Selah were playing with Hubby. He had a hat on and there happened to be a hat of mine in the same room.

Tess took Hubby's hat off his head and put it on her own. She stood in front of him and said in her best deep-daddy-voice, "My name is Hubby and I build houses." Accurate. For the most part.

Then Selah grabbed my hat that was sitting on the back of the couch. She put it on her head and said in a high pitched girly voice (which happens to be very unlike my own voice actually), "My name is Margo and I work for my kids!"

I'm thinking of approaching them about a raise. If they are, in fact, in charge. That would at least explain some things. And I could maybe just go ahead and get those bon-bons after all.


Some help, maybe

Elliot has hearing issues.

We realized it when he was in Kindergarten. I received a note in the mail saying that he'd failed the hearing screening at school. I sort of shrugged it off, figured it was nothing. He failed the screening again next year and I figured I should probably take him to a doctor. So off we went.

The audiologist in town said that he had a severe hearing loss and required a hearing aid. We were dumbfounded. How could our kid have such a severe loss that he needed a hearing aid and we didn't even know it. Nice attentive parents, huh?

At the time of that testing Elliot happened to also have an ear infection. We were told that we needed to clear that up for the proper fitting of his new appliance but that taking care of the infection would not change the fact that he needed an aid.

Hubby was beside himself. I wasn't quite as upset, I just wanted Elliot to be able to hear. But we both had reservations of our kid having to go through life with this handicap. We know how cruel kids can be. It scared us to death.

The night before Elliot's next checkup Hubby prayed and prayed. In fact, he fasted the day before. He prayed that God would heal him and make it known that He had taken care of it. We went in the next day for the screening and the audiologist called us back with a dumbfounded look on her face. Elliot can hear, she told us. Not great, but not so bad now that he was even a candidate for amplification. She had no medical reason as to why this happened. Couldn't explain it. Wow.

The next year Elliot passed the hearing screening at school. However, last year he failed again. When I took him back to see the audiologist here in town she got such a completely different result that she referred us to a specialist in another town.

So that's where we've gone for a little over a year now. I should mention that Elliot has also had some fainting spells and often suffers from nausea for no apparent reason. In an attempt to find some sort of correlation between all these ailments poor little Elliot has been put through the ringer with tests. ABR's, MRI's, CT Scan's, EEG's, EKG's, 3 hour glucose tests, etc, etc, etc. Everything is always normal.

In the last several months we've been treating his progressive hearing loss with a diuretic and low sodium diet because the doctor thought he had Cochlear Hydrops. However, it hasn't seemed to help and at his checkup today his hearing in his right ear was down once again. Thankfully, his left ear is in the normal range. It's the low end of the normal range but normal nonetheless. At the rate his right ear is going though, he'll likely be completely deaf by the time he reaches high school.

So all this background information on his condition is just to say that it looks like we might now have a "fix". It's so obvious to us now that he can't hear. We'll say something and he'll repeat something back to us that isn't even close to what we said. He struggles with hearing us and it's painful to watch. He needs a hearing aid. However, because of the type of hearing loss he has a normal hearing aid will only amplify the mumbled words he hears. Like he needs louder nonsense going in his head. What this means is that he needs one of two things.

One is a cross reference hearing aid. That means an aid in each ear. One acts as a speaker that throws the right sounds over to the good ear. It's not always very clear though and many patients with this type of loss have had complaints about it.

The other option is BAHA, or bone anchored hearing aid. This is what we think we'll do. It's a small titanium implant that is put into his head behind his ear. Sound is transferred through the bone of the skull, stimulating the cochlea in the hearing ear. Then the brain can distinguish between the sound that it receives from the deaf side via the BAHA system, from the sound that it receives directly from the hearing ear. Apparently, the end result is the sensation of hearing from the deaf side.

Wow. Kind of a big deal huh. But wouldn't it be great if he could hear. And he didn't feel like he was always being a pain saying, "What did you say?"


The not-so-little Mermaid and other stuff

You know in The Little Mermaid, where she finally gets her legs and is trying to walk and she's all wobbly and giddy with excitement? That's how Marleigh was on Friday night when I finally let her shave.

There just hadn't been a good time since I bought her razor kit. So Friday she came home from spending the day at a friends house and I took her into my bathroom where I told her to close her eyes and hold out her hands. Did you hear that squeal? It was loud, and ear piercing. She was absolutely thrilled.

We looked at all the shaving tips together and I gave her a few of my own. Then she sat on the edge of my bathtub with Selah and Tess and myself all looking on and she shaved. I think she's shaved every day since then. It's still new and exciting. I give her a month before she's sick of it and wishing she'd never asked to start.

Today is Easter Sunday and we went to church for the first time in a long while. We'd started back up full throttle at the first of the year and then fell out of it again. I hate that we do that. I'm going to try to make a very good effort to stay active. The kids need it, I need it. I teared up several times during songs and a video they played this morning. Just thinking of the sacrifice that was made for us and how I just don't nearly show the thankfulness that I should. Gotta get better. Really do.

Hubby has had the budget talk with me several times in recent months. The one that goes, "We really need to get on a budget." Now he's switched from that to actually making a budget which has me quite scared. I'm a bit of a shopaholic. Champagne taste on a beer budget. That's me all the way. Except that I keep spending the money like it's there which is, I think, what drove Hubby to come up with this budget of his. So far we have not sat down to go over it but I know I'm just one big shopping trip away from it. Not good.


Ready or not

I've decided to bite the bullet and let Marleigh shave. I think part of me is under the impression that if she doesn't shave then she won't keep growing up at such a rate that is giving me anxiety attacks. I think someone probably needs to slap some sense into that part of me.

Actually, after my last entry about her desire to shave I did some thinking. I decided maybe I would at least look at the razors next time I was at the store. Maybe I'd even pick one up and surprise her with it.

I did look at them the next time I was out. I even stopped and picked one up. Then I kept on walking.

I did some careful try-to-be-sly leg inspections when we had 10 friends over this weekend for her birthday party. What I noticed was that several of them have already shaved. And of those that looked like they have not yet had that rite of passage, they aren't nearly as hairy as my Marleigh is. So I decided to bite the bullet and buy a razor.

Tess and I had to go to the store this morning so I picked up a snazzy little razor kit. It looks like it's meant for a first-time-shave experience. It includes some stickers and tattoo's along with the razor and some shave gel. And instruction cards for shaving. All packaged neatly in a pink carry bag.

She's going to flip when she sees it. She really is. I think anyone in a 20 mile radius of our house will probably hear her squeal when I give it to her.

So I guess I need to figure out a time to present it to her. I want to do it at a time that I'm available to help her and be sure she doesn't go all Edward Scissorhands on her poor little hairy legs. She doesn't have school on Friday so maybe we'll do it Thursday night. After her volleyball practice. Yep. I think that's what we'll do.

Wish us luck.


We made it 11 years

Today was quite an adventure.

We went to a birthday party for an adult friend. It was a surprise party and an Elvis theme. The hosts have quite a thing for Elvis. It was crazy.

So the kids were all riding around riding on a golf cart. The hosts Grandson is a friend of Elliot's and he's been driving this golf cart around for a long time. I really didn't have any concerns with the kids riding on it. However, at one point the boys thought it would be a good idea if the dog rode around with them and he apparently wasn't crazy about the idea. So he got squirmy which made Tess fall off. In her words, "The doggy pushed me off the cawt!"

I was eating at the time and I heard her crying. Not a major "I'm hurt bad" cry. She came and sat with me and cried but it really seemed like she was more embarassed about falling and that her pride was hurt. She said her arm hurt. After a few minutes Hubby took her and realized that she wouldn't move her arm much, wouldn't grip his finger, etc. So we decided to take her to the doctor.

Of course it's Sunday, and there's no such thing as an emergency clinic in our town, so it was off to the ER. Hubby drops me and Tess off and has to head home to get Marleigh ready for practice. Within about 30 minutes I wondered if I should just tell the receptionist nevermind. Tess was griping my hand, moving her arm. Seemed to be much better.

We get back to a room where a nurse comes and feels her arm and pushes on it. She doesn't make a peep. Doesn't really act like it hurts much at all. She says it hurts but won't say where specifically. She's not consistent with her pain either. One minute it does hurt here and then next minute that same spot feels fine.

So then the doctor comes in and feels around. She does the same with him and I confess to him that I have a feeling it's not anything very serious and that she's probably not being very accurate. Basically, I thought she was faking. I think he thought the same thing but wanted to get an x-ray just in case.

After the doctor left the room I asked Tess if she was fibbing. She got all teary and said she didn't want to get in trouble. She said it DID hurt but that now it was better and she just wanted to go home. Too late, in comes the x-ray technician with the portable machine. Oh well, we'll go ahead and get a couple pictures just for the heck of it.

Tess cried during the pictures but I was sure it was because it really was a bit scary. A big huge machine over her and some weird heavy apron covering her belly. She just kept saying she wanted to go home. Hubby was there too at this point and kept telling her to calm down. Frankly I think we were both just a bit embarassed that our just-turned-4-year-old was able to dupe us.

Several minutes later the doctor walks back in and starts off with, "Well, dog gonnit..." I'm certain he's going to finish with, "...I can't figure out why it's hurting. I think she must have just bruised it." Instead he says, "She broke her arm".

I wonder what went through his mind when Hubby and I both looked really surprisingly pleased with his announcement. Not that we would wish her a broken arm. But she wasn't faking! We were at the point that we thought we were crazy for rushing her to the ER. I think we were both thinking that we should have taken her home and watched to see how she did instead of just rushing her to the hospital. But we did the right thing. Yeah us!

Her diagnosis is a Proximal Humeral Fracture. Her arm is broken up high, between the elbow and shoulder. Apparently they don't cast a break in this area. So she's in a brace. It goes around her upper abdomen and there are "cuffs" that hold her upper arm and lower arm in a bent position so that it can heal. She has to wear it for a month and in 2 weeks we go in to her regular ped to see if it's healing correctly. I was sort of surprised that I don't need to follow up with anyone for 2 weeks. I guess that's normal?

I recently saw a friend that had broken her foot. I asked her how it happened and she rolled her eyes and said she was just walking across her yard. I told her that she really needed a more exciting story. "Try something like, 'I went skydiving and had a really bad landing'" I told her. So this evening Marleigh said we should come up with a better story for Tess's broken arm. I said, "I think being pushed out of a moving golf cart by a dog is a pretty good story."

Did I mention that Tess is right handed and it's her right arm? This should be an interesting month.

We've been parents for 11 years now. This is our first broken bone so I guess we're doing pretty good. Hopefully we won't have any more. It's awfully hard seeing your little ones in pain.


One of these days...

...I'm going to do an entry in here that isn't just me whining and complaining. Promise.

Today though I'm stressed. Really stressed. It's hard being a mom. At least it is for me. I wonder if it's just me and everyone else is just sailing through.

Marleigh's birthday party is tomorrow. I waited too long to order the party favors and craft stuff. So when I finally got around to doing it on Monday I had to pay an extra $20 to have it shipped quickly. So yesterday a box arrives, but it's only one of the many things I ordered. I got online to look at the tracking and I see that it's coming in two boxes. Box number 2 was to arrive last night at 7:00. When it never came I got on to track it again and find that it's now scheduled to be delivered on the 11th. The party is the 8th.

Um, not gonna work.

Also not in the time frame of what I paid for in shipping. I just got on to look again. It seems it went from Kansas this morning to Texas now. Why they didn't just leave it in Oklahoma is beyond me.

So I'm doing the last minute scramble trying to figure out how to make things work. As well as trying to figure out how to get a bunch of junk made for our entire family to wear to a stupid Elvis party on Sunday. If I could get out of it I would. But I can't. So I shant. I spent $60 this morning on Elvis accessories for Hubby and Elliot. And I still don't have stuff made for the rest of us.

Stress I tell you. Complete stress.

So all of that will work out. I'm sure it will, it always does. I stress about it all and freak out and then afterwards I look back and think "what was the big deal?". That's how it works.

But tell me what to do about my poor 9 year old son who has a crush on someone. I guess Hubby heard him crying last night so he went to check on him. It turns out that the girl Elliot likes now likes someone else. His poor little heart was broken. I'm sure this is the first of many broken hearts but it sucks. He's just 9 for crying out loud! How's he going to react when he's a teenager and some girl decides she likes someone else? And the kicker is I didn't even KNOW he liked someone. He hasn't really expressed any interest in girls. He's just a really happy go lucky kid who loves to make people laugh. He's got a big following of girls but until now it's been fairly obvious that he's kind of clueless about it. His teacher even mentioned at his last conference that the other kids fight over who gets stand/sit/partner with him and the great thing is it doesn't go to his head and he doesn't seem to notice how popular he is. So he went from that to just laying in bed sobbing about a girl. How does that happen?

And Marleigh wants to shave her legs. She's wanted to for a couple years now and of course I haven't let her. But she has friends who have started. And more than the pressure of wanting to do it because others are, I think she's now actually feeling embarassed about her appearance because of her hair. She's blonde, so it's not as noticable as some girls might be. But it's pretty thick. I can't remember how old I was when I started shaving. I do remember my mom going on and on about how once I started I wouldn't be able to stop. I didn't care, I just wanted to shave. And now she's going through the same thing.

As I've said many time before...it sure would be nice if they came out of your belly holding some sort of manual. A manual specific to that individual child and their own personality. Wouldn't that be nice?


Where'd I put those bon bons?...


Today's funk is brought to you by the letter U

The letter U. For Ugh.

How cool would it be to be able to crawl back into bed and wake up to find that everything on my to-do list was already done. Man I could use a magic wand.

My family has been sick for months now. We just can't seem to get better. And it's getting old. Three of the six of us have been to the doctor this week. Two children have stayed home from school. Our kitchen counter is lined with medicine to be taken at different intervals throughout the day. I can't keep it all straight.


I sew. Have I mentioned that? Well, I do. And I'm trying to make a business of it. And today I ran across two websites. One of them has a product very similar to mine. Don't they know I'm the one that is supposed to be selling these things? The other website has a sort of story on it about how their product came to be. I swear they must have seen mine and copied. Is it possible that we both came up with the same sort of story for the same sort of product. Maybe. But I still think they copied me.


Marleigh and Tess both have birthday parties coming up. I'm not ready for either one of them and am not sure when I will be. Tess's party happens to be this weekend. How on earth will I get all of my to-do list done and the house cleaned and still be ready for this party?


Where are those bon bon's? I think I need extra today.


Isn't it nice being alive?

Because really, your time could come without any warning. I mean you could be walking down the street and get hit by a car. Boom! You're gone. Or what if you fell in the shower and hit your head on the way down and ended up drowning because your drain wasn't working well and there was water accumulating? Just like that, it's all over. Better yet, what if you're a complete idiot and mixed two chemicals together accidentally and the whole family ingested the fumes and died. And it was your fault. Now that one would really stink!


Earlier today the dog, Izzy, came and started barking at me. So I figured she must be hungry. When I opened the cabinet in the laundry room where we keep her food there was this horrible ammonia smell. Awful. Really strong smell. I've been smelling it the last couple days but it's just gotten much worse. So I decided I should investigate and pulled out a bucket of cleaning supplies. Under the cobwebs in the bucket (because it's not like I really use these cleaning supplies on a regular basis) were three bottles of random cleaners and a stack of washcloths. I thought the smell was a bottle of stuff in there that had just gone bad or something, and the towels in the bucket were really wet so I figured it had somehow gone bad and managed to leak too. So I took the towels out and then took the other two bottles of cleaning stuff out and set them on the counter and went out and threw away the bottle that I thought was the troublemaker.

So then Izzy keeps on barking and growling at me and I'm thinking maybe I forgot to give her water when I filled up her food bowl. I'm standing there staring at her bowls and telling her what a dork she is because she has both food and water and I see this steady drip falling into her food. One of the bottles that I had put on the counter apparently had a hole in it. It was a bottle of ammonia. Hence the ammonia smell. Duh. Would have been nice if I'd noticed it earlier.

Luckily there was no harm done. The bottle of ammonia has been emptied in the proper ammonia-emptying-manner. The laundry room has been cleaned. And Izzy is resting on the couch after a nice dinner from a freshly cleaned bowl.

Remember the stack of towels though? The ones that were in the bucket and were completely soaked in ammonia? I washed them. Now I've got four kids. And they're messy. So all of my laundry generally gets a cap full of detergent and a cap full of bleach. Do you know what happens when you mix ammonia and bleach? It makes fumes. Do you know what happens when you inhale those fumes? You die.

So today when starting this load of scrungy towels it suddenly dawned on me that I didn't really need the bleach in there since I wasn't worried if they were ugly or not. Normally I would have used it anyway. Today I didn't. And because I didn't there were no fumes. And because there were no fumes, no one died.

Close call.

Note to self: Remember to thank God for not choosing today as my last day.


Funky Funk

I'm in a funk. Hate that. It seems to always happen this time of year. My mom died in May of 93 and it seems like every single year around this time I get depressed. Extra depressed. It stinks.

I'm sure the fact that it's rainy and gloomy and dreary outside doesn't help. And the fact that we've all STILL got colds doesn't help either. And Hubby has been gone for several days. He should go away more often probably. I think I'd appreciate him more. Which would be a good thing. I've found that I really take him for granted.

My computer is acting all wonky. I'm sure I've got a virus of some sort. And of course Hubby is the one who fixes all that stuff so since he isn't here I'm just piddling along trying to ignore the wonkiness.

I'm tired of the fact that I'm a crappy housekeeper. I look around this house, a house that I never imagined I'd have. It's a nice place. A really nice place actually. And it is basically 3500 square feet of pure mess. I honestly don't think there is a single corner that isn't cluttered.

I did manage to get a little bit done this weekend with Hubby gone. Although I managed to do much more damage to the checkbook then I should have. Why do I feel like if he's gone I get to shop more? Like he won't know since he isn't here? Duh. He's going to come back tonight and look online at our account and wonder who hijacked it!

Anyway, I made curtains for the little girls' room. Canopies actually. We moved in here 2 1/2 years ago and I'd planned on making them this whole time but just now got around to it. I think they turned out nicely.

I'm also making headway on organzing my laundry room which has been a catch all for the last 2 1/2 years. It houses all my scrapbooking supplies and I was just in there thinking what an idiot I am for buying all that stuff. I have enough supplies to open my own scrapbooking store. And I can honestly say that I don't remember the last time I did any scrapbooking. Mostly because I have too much in the way of supplies and I don't know which product to pick to use. It's insane.

Other then that I haven't accomplished a whole lot. Although I did spend a lot of quality time with my girls. That's gotta count for something. Right? The kids have been on spring break and they go back tomorrow. That's gonna be fun, getting them up all bright and early in the morning. They're gonna love it.

So, I'm still uncertain as to whether or not I want to share their names. I guess because I want to have this be an outlet to spill my guts, I'm not sure I want family reading this. I mean, what if I need to vent about them? And then they read it and it caused a big hoorah? It would be one thing to run across this blog and see my name but to see my name AND my kids names then they'd know it was me. That would be bad. Right? And what about all the crazies out there? People who might track us down and do bad things to us. All because they know our names. Ah heck, I guess I'll share. My kids are Marleigh, Elliot, Selah, and Tess. There they are. All four of them. Promise.



Look at me. Got a blog and am already ignoring it. Oops.

It's a girls weekend here. Hubby went to Las Vegas with a friend for the weekend. I told him to have fun. And to not take the handouts on the street. I hope he has fun.

My son went to spend the weekend with Hubby's Grandma. My oldest daughter went for a long weekend at the end of last summer. Now it's finally his turn. He was pretty excited.

So it's just us girls. I've got big plans to get all sorts of things done. Cleaning. Laundry. Organizing. Sewing. Hmmmm, who wants to bet I don't get squat done. Tomorrow my oldest is going to spend the day with a friend so it will just be me and the youngest two. Maybe I can con them into helping me in a way to make them think it's fun.

That reminds me. Do I want to share their names? I'm sure you've noticed that I've not referred to them by name yet. I highly doubt that this particular blog of mine will ever become widely read. Although, if it does I suspect I should somehow protect our identities so that you crazies out there can't get to us. Am I right?

Perhaps I'll give everyone new names. That might be fun. Although you already know my moniker so it might be easy enough to figure out. Still might be fun.

I'll have to think about it.


Well Howdy-Do

I gots me a blog.

Now what? Do I start by telling you about me and the fam? Or do I just dive right into my senseless ramblings?

Oh I know! I'll tell you why I am who I am. I mean, my name. Pass The Bon Bons.

I should have added a 'Please' on the end of that, huh? Grandma would be very disappointed with my manners. Although I did give Mama Vleema a nice nod with my first blog entry title. I can just hear her answering her phone with that...

Ring. Ring.

Grandma: Hello (said with a thick Texas drawl)

Me: Hi Grandma, it's Margo

Grandma: Well, howdy-do!

Man I miss that crazy little lady!

So anywho...

I'm a stay-at-home mom of four kids. It's long been thought that us stay-at-homes just sit around doing nothing all day long. We watch our soap operas and eat our bon bons. Right? I can honestly say that I've never actually HAD a bon bon. I'm afraid to try one for fear that I'll like them too much and will get addicted. That's the same reason I've never been to one of our local bakeries. I've heard they have baked goods that are out of this world. All the more reason for me and my hips to stay away.

I can also honestly say that I don't think I'm a very good stay-at-home. I have the ability to fool people into thinking I'm not so bad at it. That is, until they come to my house. My house that I can't for the life of me figure out how to organize and keep clean. It's too overwhelming. So I try a little bit and then get depressed and then spend way too much time on the computer. That's me.

So maybe I should just give in and eat the bon bons?