A couple more things

I thought of a couple things I meant to mention in the birthday post.

Yesterday one of Tess's little friends called on my cell phone to wish her a happy birthday. She wasn't sure who it was at first and then she finally realized it. She looked right at me and said, "It's Jacob, Mommy!" and then spoke into the phone and said, "You can sing me happy boorfday now Jacob." It was all about her yesterday!

Then this morning she woke up and came into the living room with a look of shock on her little face. She is a human heater while sleeping so she usually snoozes in nothing but her panties. Last night she apparently put on some of Selah's low rider panties that are just way to low. (I didn't realize that when I bought them or they never would have made it into my basket.) So Tess comes in and says, "Mommy look! When I toorned 5 I got too big for my panties!"

Love that girl!

On another note, Marleigh had her first real babysitting job this evening. She has of course stayed with her siblings before but we rarely pay her for it. She's also gone to friends homes before to watch their children while the adults were in a prayer group downstairs. So this was her first real alone-with-no-adults-around babysitting job. She did great! And heck, I think I'm going to start babysitting because she made a killing. Two hours and she brought home 30 bucks. I think she should pay for the movies tomorrow. Think she'll go for it? Nope, not a chance.

Well it's about time!

I had to switch over to the new version of blogger a while back. It made me. I wasn't happy about it either because I just don't like change. At all. And to reinforce my change issues, my blog decided to act up. I haven't been able to log in since I made that stupid switch. And I haven't been happy about it either! But here I finally am. Thank goodness.

Yesterday was Tess's 5th birthday. Hard to believe my youngest is 5. I still have issues with not having more children. Hubby says maybe we can adopt some day. I doubt we will, but at least it makes me feel like the days of little babies isn't over for certain.

Anyway, she had a great birthday. I had to work yesterday morning but after work the kids and I went bowling. After I finished her birthday outfit that I had started the night before. Hubby thinks I am insane and he's probably right. But she sure did look cute in that birthday outfit.

After bowling we did a little looking around. We went to the pet shop and then hit a couple other stores just to kill some time. Then we met Hubby at our local Japanese restaurant for dinner at the "fi-ore place". That's what Tess calls it since it's hibachi and they cook on the table and light the onions on fire. My step-dad joined us too which was a big surprise but it was nice to have him.

Tess got a new handheld Leap toy that she is in love with. I didn't think she'd ever go to sleep last night because she wouldn't put that thing down.

I sure do love that little Tea Pot. I couldn't imagine what life would be like with 4 kids when I found out I was pregnant with her. Now I can't imagine what life would be like without her. She is such a spunky little thing!