Security Shorts

So I listen to a local Christian radio station here when I'm at work. Actually, it's not in my town but nearby. I especially enjoy the morning show and have called in to answer the question of the day a few times.

So yesterday the question of the day was "Does your spouse or significant other have an article of clothing that you wish they wouldn't wear anymore." Um...yes.

Hubby has these shorts. I believe he got them before we were even married but if not then it was shortly after we were married which was 14 long years ago. They are Adidas gym shorts and he loves them. He wears them all the time. They've been headed down hill for quite a while but in the last several months they've developed a huge gap in the crotch. Lovely.

I called in and told them about his shorts. Apparently crotch isn't a word that they can play on their station because that part was edited out. *snicker* But his shorts were the worst they heard about (actually only a couple of us called in so I think they had to pick me because the other caller didn't really have much to say). So they said they'd call him and see if they could get him to get rid of them.

They were nice enough to send me a copy of what they played on the radio because Hubby didn't get to hear it when it was on. (You can hear our conversation by clicking on the link on my sidebar named Security Shorts.) I have to admit that he was a pretty good sport. He doesn't really like attention much so he gets bonus points for playing along as well as he did.

I'm keeping my eyes open for a replacement pair of these shorts. The DJ's called them his "security shorts". If I find another pair of them I'm buying like 10 just to last him for the rest of his life!


A sugar high

Let's just say I'm probably not gonna like what I see on the scale come weigh in on Monday morning. Yikes!

I was home again today and felt up to at least putting on clothes. Since I didn't have to go to work I figured I'd mosey on down to the kids' schools for their Valentine's Day parties. They were excited that I got to be there which made us all happy.

Madi is at the middle school now and too old for classroom parties. Kinda makes me sad. Although I'm glad I don't have to travel to two different schools anymore to be sure to get to everyone's classroom's. I guess next year I'll only have 2 in elementary where they do parties. Ack!

The first party of the afternoon was Eli's. Since he's in 5th grade they did a whole shin-dig and let all of the classes celebrate together. Apparently in order to get in to the party that was being held in the cafeteria each child had to wear a hat they had made. Of course, the more outrageous the better. It looked a little bit like something out of a Dr. Suess book more than a party for Valentine's Day.

I initially thought that Eli's hat was a train. However, it was actually a store. Apparently a store that sells hugs. And today, and today only, hugs were free at 100% off. What a deal!

Then I headed to Sadie's class where I wasn't able to stay too terribly long. They were in the middle of some games when I got there. Sadie and her partner had a pile of conversation hearts on the floor between them. They each had a stick in their hands and they had to work together to pick up a heart and put it in the plastic cup they had. Lots of team work went into this project! They worked great together!

Then I was off to Teagan's class where I was quickly reminded what I let her where to school. Bless her heart! Had she been the first child she never would have been let out of the house wearing this get up. But she's child #4 and I've learned to pick my battles. I did try to encourage her to choose either the skirt or the jeans but she really liked the way they went together. Ah well, what can you do. She's my little free bird and likes to live naked so I'm just thankful that I'm not fighting with her to wear clothes at all.

I left her classroom at one point to go get some water and when I returned she had started on this chocolate bar. I asked her if there was a golden ticket it in. It was ginormous. Seriously!

After that we headed home and Hubby and I exchanged goodies. I walked in to find two neatly wrapped pressies underneath a card with my name on it. What was inside each package were wonderful new necklaces and earrings that he'd gotten at a great store downtown. He happened to run into a friend of mine while he was there and she did help him a little bit in choosing things. I think he would have done fine on his own though, although with her help he did great!

Finally it was Hubby's turn. I had heard a while back on my radio station that one of the artists was writing custom songs for people. I thought it sounded like such a neat idea and something that Hubby would enjoy. So I moseyed on over to Paul Wright's website and ordered a song! Maybe one of these days I'll share it here but I really don't know how to share an mp3 online! Sorry! But here's the photo I put on the case, it's one I took of some trees in Maine when we were there back in November. The song turned out great and makes us smile. It's a family hit!

So Happy Valentines Day to everyone in blogger-land. I hope you and your sweeties had as great a day as we all did! Enjoy coming down from that sugar high! *Smooch*


The Dust People

With everyone being home sick for so long there has been quite a bit of camping out in Mommy's room during the day. Ok, ok. You're right. It actually is Mommy and Daddy's room. *wink*

At any rate, I came home one day not long ago to find that The Dust People were on tv. Nope, not some wonderful new television show. It's the design that Teagan and Eli collectively made in the dust on the screen. It's my belief that Eli first made the large blob face and then not wanting to be put to shame Teagan did one better with the full on Dust Girl. Notice the pretty bow in her hair? Lovely.

To my defense, while I'm not the best housekeeper in the world the dust on the tv seems to accumulate overnight. We did learn a wonderful trick of wiping the front of the television with a used dryer sheet to help collect and more importantly repel future dust. This set happens to be in our bedroom though so it tends to get neglected. And of course this dust accumulation is a bit extreme as well because of how the whole family felt in general. Because honestly, who wants to dust (or clean or do laundry or cook or ANYTHING for that matter!) when they feel so ikcy?


Is there an end in sight?

Hubby and the kids are all back at work/school now. Although while laying in bed this morning listening to them all getting ready they echoed a chorus of nonstop coughing. Quite entertaining actually.

Although I was down and out for a few days last week and could only guess I was the latest victim of the crud it became all to obvious on Saturday that my crud last week was just a sort of pre-crud to the fun times ahead. I woke up Saturday with a bit of a sore throat. Not scratchy or burning but that feeling of swollen-full-of-stuff-that-shouldn't-be-in-your-throat soreness. By noon my eyeballs and head were joining in on the game too. And by bedtime my temperature was over 100. Good times.

I did go to the doctor yesterday and had a flu test which surprisingly turned out negative. So the nurse (the Dr apparently didn't have time for me?) came in and handed out antibiotic prescriptions to me for whatever it is I may or may not have. In all honesty, that just frustrated me more than even being sick. I asked why I was being given antibiotics and what I could have that would require them and her answer was that "you must just be passing some sort of infection around to each other". Well, seeing as how the rest of the family eventually got over whatever it is we have/had I just don't see why taking antibiotics is necessary. Other than to build up my resistance even more to them which is definitely not something I need.

I will say that I'm feeling today that I may actually live. I still have a slight fever and doing much of anything other than laying flat for any length of time is quite exhausting. But it seems as though there quite possibly could be an end in sight which is at least comforting.

Up until now I've not done much other than reading and sleeping. On Saturday I decided that I might like to dig out the Narnia books and read them again since I had seen an ad for Prince Caspian that will be out this May. I haven't read them since I was a child and even then, I'm not sure that I made it through more than the first two books. I'm currently on the third book and thoroughly enjoying them. Eli has even started on the first one now that I'm finished with it.

No, I'm not leaving Hubby in order to plan another wedding. Although I have been working on a little bit of wedding planning and investigating. There seem to be weddings of dear friends popping up everywhere in 2008. Our long time babysitter who started coming over when she was just 11 and is now 22 years old got engaged shortly before Christmas and will be tying the knot this summer. In December I found out that one of my best friends from high school has found love and will be getting hitched in October. Then my close friend Leah was just engaged on Friday and would like for me to be invoved in planning her wedding. (I must metion too that I'm hoping my favorite blue-eyed sister will have the question popped to her before too terribly long so that she can get busy working on some new cousins!) At any rate, wedding's are definitely on my mind and I've justified spending money on magazines and fun wedding books by saying that I will be ready to help any of these lovely ladies should they need me.

Lastly, now that I'm feeling a bit more like I might live I'm hoping to get up and finish creating some items for my spring CTA line that is long overdue. The season starts this weekend I believe and is sure to have tons of terrific items. Hopefully it will have a few from me as well if I can just churn them out!

And now I must grab a Diet Pepsi and return to bed. I think I'll sleep for a bit since the kids are gone and I can actually rest without being bothered. Perhaps I'll wake feeling even better and who knows what tomorrow might bring. Hopefully...health!


Hit hard

Yep, we've been hit. And hit hard. The flu has officially made it's way into our household and is now an ever present visitor. I say "officially" although I'm not 100% certain that's what we really have. However, I do know that many many people around town have been hit by the flu so I'm assuming that's what we've got as well.

It all started last Monday morning around 5:00 am. My sweet Tea appeared by the side of my bed saying that her throat hurt. I let her climb into bed with me and knew instantly that she had a fever. When we finally got up an hour or so later her fever was over 101. Hubby stayed home with her Tuesday and Wednesday and by late Wednesday afternoon he was feeling awful himself. I actually took her into the ped on Wednesday where they did a strep test (it was negative) and said she had a virus that would just need to run it's course. I'm wishing now that I would have thought to have them do a flu test. If I had, the rest of us wouldn't have fallen prey!

By Thursday morning Sadie was running a fever too and Teagan and Hubby were still feeling awful. On Friday Madi and I went to Tulsa to a church retreat (more on that later!) and Friday after lunch I had to bring Madi and a friend both back home because they were the latest victims.

Now today it's hit me, although I don't have a fever I feel as though I might have been hit by a truck. Good times. It's been 8 days now since this all started and Tea still has a fever. I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever be healthy!

So far, Eli has seemed to squeak by unscathed. He did miss a week of school recently due to headaches and we have an appointment scheduled for him this Friday with a pediatric neurologist to see if we can finally figure out what is going on with him. I'm just hoping that he's able to somehow avoid getting the flu between now and then!

For everyone out there suffering through flu season like we are...get better! The promise of spring and good health are right around the corner!