And the doctor said

No more monkies jumping on the bed!

Oh wait, wrong doctor.

So I went to the doctor. He looked at my foot, examined it, pushed around, asked some questions. Then he said it could just be a really bad sprain but he was concerned that it might be a stress fracture because of the way I described it. So he took an x-ray which thankfully looked ok. Although he said he wanted his "ortho buddy" to take a look at it just to be sure because a lot of times it's hard to see stress fractures on x-rays.

He gave me a steroid pack to take, some Lortab for the pain, and told me to wear really supportive shoes. He'll call me after ortho buddy looks at the film just to let me know what he said. Then if I'm not better by Monday I have to get a bone scan. Good times.

I'm really hoping and praying that Emily is right in her comments from my last entry. I think that sounds a lot more easy to recover from. I don't have time for stress fractures.

Why is this so hard? I just want to be a runner. Why won't my body cooperate? Ugh. I think I definitely need some bon bons.

Vini Vidi Vici

Yep. That's right. I came, I saw, I conquered.

Actually I'm not sure that there was much conquering going on but I finished the run and that's what counts. Right?

So Sunday we got up at 5:00 (in the am...ugh!) and headed out to the starting post for the half marathon. As we were driving towards downtown with our windshield wipers on Hubby and I were both considering backing out. I think it's a really good thing that we were both running because we had each other as support. Seriously, it would have been really easy to just say, "Seriously, it's cold and rainy and who wants to run in that?!" Ya know?

I started getting a little bit worried about Eli too because he was going to just do the 5K and then he'd be done and just hanging by himself. I got him a fanny pack, much to his dismay. Apparently fanny packs aren't cool. Who knew! So he had Hubby's phone with him, a little cash, and his PSP. I told him to call me as soon as he finished so I would know he was safe.

Prior to the run Hubby said we needed to really take it easy since we hadn't been training like we should. He said he was going to run with me which would be great for him but um, how do I slow down and take it easy? I think actually it was a good thing that he ran with me because he really encouraged me and kept me on pace.

My time last year was 2 hours and 58 minutes. This January when we decided to run it again my goal was to make it in 2:45. Of course, you know that I didn't stick with my training at all so going into it on Sunday I really just hoped to be not too far after my time from last year.

I felt great for the first 10 miles. Seriously. It was kind of an amazing feeling because I just prayed that if I hurt it would just be normal long-distance running pain. Ya know? No IT band pain, no shin splints, etc. Just that normal soreness from running. Well, that's what happened and it was awesome. I really did feel great. The last 3 miles were tough. I was having trouble transitioning from my walking to running again. My thighs and calves were killing me. But Hubby pushed me forward and encouraged me to keep going. Knowing that poor Eli was waiting for us at the finish line and was "freezing cold" (as he told me on the phone) I knew I had to keep running to get to him. Then Hubby told me that there was a possibility I could actually make my original 2:45 goal. Wow.

I didn't quite make that goal but I did finish in 2:48:58. Almost 10 minutes better than last year! Go me! So I know that I can reach that 2:45 goal and I just pray that during our next run I can reach that goal.

So the good news is...I get to wear my new shoes. No, I didn't make my original goal of 2:45 but I figure beating my time at all from last year when I haven't been training deserved a pair of blingy shoes. Am I right?

The bad news is...something is wrong with my foot. I just had soreness all day on Sunday after the run and nothing in particular hurt. Then Monday morning I put on my new shoes and walked down the hallway and the outside of my left foot started hurting. I thought maybe it was the new shoes so I changed but it hurt in that shoe as well. It's gotten progressively worse and today I can barely put any weight on it. Not cool. I'm going to the doctor this afternoon and hopefully he can give me some insight. I've been taking Ibuprofen and icing it but it's just not helping. With just 31 days until the Vermont run I really need to get it fixed now!

By the way, if you'd like to see me running you can view pictures by clicking here. Then click on "pictures" and another window will pop up. If you'll search by BIB number you can view a few photos of Hubby and me running. My bib was kind of scrunched so you have to search Hubby's numbe which is H3874. I'm hoping that by Thursday maybe there will be a few more photos up. I may just have to order one of us crossing the finish line though. Pretty cool.


run 5, walk 2, repeat

How do you spell slacker?


Yep that's me, big time slacker here. The OCK Memorial Marathon is quickly approaching. Quickly as in less than a week. This Sunday. A mere 6 days away.

Have I been training? Um, no. Do I have a good excuse, or even any excuse at all? Um, no. I really don't know what's wrong with me. I just can't seem to get it together. Last January I joined Weight Watchers and committed to it and lost 20 pounds. That's also the point where we decided we'd run the half marathon and I knew I couldn't just go out and run 13.1 miles without training so I trained. I ran every Tuesday and Thursday and on Sunday's I did a long run, working my way up to 12 miles so that I would be strong and ready for the big run.

This January, after regaining those 20 pounds plus 5 extra (I'm a human yo-yo, I swear) I decided to get back on track with my Weight Watcher's program and I even mentioned how I was going to stay motivated by scheduling several runs throughout the year so I would keep training. A lot of good that's done me!

Hubby and I have both just not been training at all like we should be. We both keep saying that we'll do the run on the 27th but I'm not sure how we're going to manage just walking out there and running that distance without just dying. So on Saturday he told me he thought that we should probably do at least 8 miles this weekend just to see where we stand. If we made it through we could go ahead and do the 13.1, if it killed us we should just count that money as lost and aim for the next run in June. As nice as it would be to just back out of next weeks run though I know that I'll never get back into training if I don't just dive in. I don't want to be sitting here the week before our June run and still not have trained at all.

So yesterday, despite both of us fighting some nasty cold/allergy thing, we set off on our 8 mile run. The first 4 miles went ok. Miles 5 and 6 were exhausting. Miles 7 and 8 were absolutely awful. And those last 2 miles were uphill, which made it doubly worse. It stunk, it really did. But I did it, all 8 miles, and afterward although I felt like I wanted to die I was proud of what I'd accomplished.

So I'll be there on Sunday with bells on and I'll do my run 5 minutes/walk 2 minutes until I reach 13.1 miles and I'll get that finishers medal and t-shirt and hopefully that will be what I need to keep on running.


Rock on

Nearly 20 years ago Skid Row opened for Bon Jovi and Hubby was there to see them. So when I found out late last year that Bon Jovi would be coming to Oklahoma City I decided to get us tickets. I gave them to Hubby for Christmas and the concert was last night and it was awesome! Seriously awesome.

This was my first ever rock concert actually. My first concert ever was Conway Twitty and the Twitty Birds. Yep, you read that right. It was at the Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming and my Dad and Step-Mom bribed me to go in by saying that they'd buy me this absurb flashing visor if I would be good for the rest of the show. It had already started when we got there so we went in the arena, found some seats, listened to about half a song and the concert was over. Score 1 for me and my new flashing hat!

When Hubby and I were dating and newlyweds we used to go to see George Strait in October. I think we went 3 years in a row and then just got too busy with kids and life to take a night out to go to a concert.

So I was pretty stoked to be going to my first rock concert last night and it was awesome having my best friend there with me. Chris Daughtry was opening last night but we didn't get to hear that much of him. We were running late as it was and then I tried to take my camera in but they wouldn't let me, which really ticked me off. I had my 28-75 lens on and the security guy said my lens couldn't be longer than 3 inches. So I took off the lens hood hoping he'd go for it but he wouldn't. So poor Hubby had to run all the way back to the car to put the camera away. What really ticked me off was sitting down and seeing the girl right next to me with the same exact camera as mine just shooting away! She even had a longer lens on her's! I made friends with her and wrote my email addy on a page from my Weight Watcher's journal (goodness knows I could afford to lose a page since I'm not tracking my points these days!). She said she'd email me photos and I hope she does. I really really hope she does. I did have Madi take a few shots of Hubby and me before we left the house. At least I have those. I still really really really hope that girl sends me her pics.

I think the funniest thing that happened last night was when I decided to try to call Madilee and let her hear Bon Jovi singing. I started to dial her number and then waited because I wanted to wait until a song came on that I was sure she would know. Then something came on I thought I'd recognize and I started to call her. Hubby leaned over and told me to look at the girl in front of me and there she was calling someone too. The readout on her phone showed she was calling Dad. Here I am calling my kid to let her listen and this young 20-something in front of me is calling her Dad. Man I feel old!


Sweet 13

Wow. Yep, that's right. Madi turned 13 today. I'm not sure how it's possible. Wasn't I just trying to convince her to wear clippies on her 2 little strands of hair the other day? Where'd the time go?

She had school today and was pleased to have a boy "ask her out". Basically that means that everyone knows they officially like each other. There's no actually going anywhere together. At least not for Madi.

She had practice after school and then we picked her up a bit early and took her Kyoto's where we had hibachi Japanese food. Funny that's her choice since that was always my choice as a little girl. She really is a lot like me. Scary.

I ordered a couple things for her online but they didn't all come in. Bummed about that. The other things should be here tomorrow though so that's not too bad. We did get her a charm bracelet and a #13 charm from James Avery. It's a bit extra special to me since my own Mother got one for me when I was about Madi's age. Then we also got her a pair of shoes she had wanted from Payless. Just like her momma, she loves her some shoes!

We'll have her party on Saturday with her friends and I'll be sure to share pictures after that. For tonight though I'm just trying to figure out how on earth she's now a teenager. I feel as shocked as she looks in the first photo!

Happy Birthday sweet girl. Now stop that growing!