It's not broken

It just feels like it. My knee that is. I saw the doctor today about my knee pain. He said there is definitely fluid inside and offered to drain it but I passed. No thank you. If it consists and doesn't go away with the medication he prescribed then I'll have it drained but I thought I'd hold off on the needle for now. He gave it a technical term but I can't remember it and he said it's similar to Bursitis. My cartlidge is damaged, probably from a previous injury or strain on my knee. Hmmmm, wonder if it could be all those years of pom-pon when we dropped from a standing position straight onto our knees. That was pretty dumb. Anyway, because the cartlidge is damaged there is nothing cushiony to help the bones when they bend and move so they just rub right against each other which believe me, is not pleasant. I'm to rest it for 3 more days and he put me on 8 days of Celebrex. Hopefully that will help things and I can get back to training for that half-marathon!

I haven't seen this doctor before but decided to go to him since he's my boss. So since I was a new patient he checked me over and got my history. After hearing that my Mother died of Ovarian Cancer and her sister died of Breast Cancer and her Mother went through some female cancer (I think it was cervical, or maybe uterine?), and her Grandmother died of Ovarian Cancer he decided that I have a pretty significant family history of cancer. Ya think? Anyway, he has referred me to a Genetics Counselor that I will see on May 3rd. That should be interesting. I'd love for them to tell me how to prevent getting cancer because I'm afraid the cancer card may be in the hand I was dealt at birth.

In other news, I weighed 3 pounds less at my first WW meeting yesterday. Here's hoping those 3 pounds never find their way back to this body.


Just stuff

Lots to catch up on here!

My new job is going well. I am really enjoying it and like the people I work with for the most part. It's just enough hours that I can get out of the house and not be out spending money. Which is a good thing.

Tomorrow I'll be visiting one of the doctor's I work for but as a patient. After just a week and a half or so of running my left knee started hurting quite a bit. So I stopped for a couple days hoping that I'd just overworked it or something but it's still hurting. I know I said in my last entry that I was hoping for an injury but I take that back now. Hubby is still going strong and I have to say I'm a bit jealous. I want to run! Hopefully the doctor can tell me what is wrong and I can get right back into it and still do the run in April.

In other news, I started Weight Watchers last week. I have always done low carb eating which (when I stick to it) really seems to work well for me. But with the exercising I know my body needs some of the carbs I wasn't getting. So for a week or so I tried to just eat healthy and I couldn't do it. I needed someone to tell me what I could and couldn't have and how much of it was ok. Today will be my first weigh in. I'm actually looking forward to getting on the scale and seeing what it says!

Marleigh got braces a couple weeks ago. It's still a little odd seeing her smile. It takes some getting used to. She's doing great with them though and when it's all done she'll have beautiful straight teeth. At least she'd better after the chunk of change we're dropping for those things! This past weeked she had a volleyball tournament and her team ended up placing first! Last year, they were always the worst team at all the tournaments so this is quite a change. Hubby hadn't been able to see the new team play this year so he was especially excited to see the improvement they have made. Go Aces!

The kids went back to school on the 8th which was our 13th anniversary. Hard to believe it's been that long! That was also my first day of work. That Friday we had a big ice storm move in that caused all sorts of havoc. We actually got mostly sleet but many areas of the state got freezing rain which downed power lines and people are still without power because of it. I can't imagine! The following Monday was MLK day so the kids were out that day. But because of the 3 inches of sleet on the ground that thawed just enough every night to refreeze and cause the streets to be incredibly slick the next day, they ended up being out of school until Friday! I'll tell you, last week was L O N G. Lucikly, the weather guys who thought we'd get up to a foot of snow this past weekend were wrong and it ended up just raining all day Saturday. So no more snow days. Thank goodness.

So hopefully we're finally back to normal after the holidays and all the snow days and I can get back to doing what I do.


13 point how-many-miles did you say?!

There's no way. I'm thinking of all the awful illnesses and/or injuries I could come down with between now and April 29th. A half-marathon. Seriously, what was I thinking? I know what I was thinking. I was thinking that I'd prove all those people who think I can't do it wrong. Problem is, they may just be right.

I haven't thrown in the towel just yet. I have walked every day since the 2nd, which was my start date. The first couple of days I just did it on the treadmill. Then Hubby joined me after work on Thursday and Friday for a 2+ mile run/walk around the neighborhood. I'd love to say that I can run 2 miles but I can't. I have to stop to walk periodically. Unless it's downhill. Downhill running is my favorite. I feel so fast! Aren't I just pitifull! Today I did run a full consecutive mile before stopping, which I guess is an accomplishment. I just don't see how I can go from 1 mile to 13.1 in this lifetime, let alone before April 29th.

I'm hoping to lose some weight with this whole running endeavor. I've put on my fair share of pounds over the holidays and used "I'll be training for a half-marathon" as an excuse to overeat. Not cool. Now I'm big and the new pants I have to wear (scrubs, like a real doctor!) for my new job I start on Monday are showing the new dimples in my back side. Again, not cool. It seems as though I can either eat right and not exercise...or exercise but not eat right. I'm not sure how to do both things together. It's like my body and mind just won't let me do it. I'm hoping that this part time job will get me out of the house just enough to keep me away from the fridge and snacking all day long without any little eyes watching me. I can't stand when the kids tell on me. "We had cookies but Mommy ate them all." Not cool!


Um, oops?

I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd made an entry here. I guess it's obvious that the holiday's have been busy.

We had Christmas day here at my house with my family. It was a nice visit with everyone but I had some major post-Christmas depression. The kids were all home with me and Hubby was at work and I just wanted him to hang around here and relax with us. Ya know?

Then last Friday we went to visit his family for our Christmas get-together. We just got back today. It was way too much time with the in-laws. I can't tell you how glad I am to be home.

So I just had pizza for dinner and tomorrow starts the new life for me. No more pizza. No more slacking off watching tv on the couch all night. No more bon bons! But the biggie is...and it's big...I'm training for a half marathon. I'm still not sure how I got roped into it. My little sister has done several walks for fundraising efforst and over a year ago she did her first run in San Francisco. Then my older sister got on the band-wagon and did a run a couple months ago. And somehow, somewhere in a phone conversation it was agreed that I would do a run with them on April 29th. The good news is that I got to buy some new workout clothes. But um, now I gotta put them on. Scary. Really scary.