Mr. Bufflockatoo

I've been meaning to jot down the story of Mr. Bufflockatoo before I forget it....

I was at Hastings a few weeks ago with Elliot, Sela, and Tess. All 3 children were pretty tired and cranky and we were trying to make some movie selections and get home. Elliot and Sela had their movies picked out and Tess, as usual, was giving me a hard time. By that I mean, she wanted one movie and I was telling her no so she was throwing a fit trying to get me to change her mind. Instead of giving into her fit I told her that we'd just have to look until she found a movie that I would agree on.

In the meantime, Elliot and Sela were bored out of their minds and ready to get home after a day of shopping. As we stood there waiting Elliot passed the time by braiding Sela's hair. I had no idea the boy could braid hair.

We finally made it out of the store and I commented on how nice Sela's hair looked. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: "Wow Elliot. I didn't know you could braid. When did you learn that?"

E: "I don't know. Marleigh taught me." He had a real everyone-who's-anyone-can-braid-and-it's-no-big-deal tone in his voice.

Me: "Hmmmm, well you did a good job. You know, one of these days you're going to make someone a very nice husband. And a great Daddy too."

E: "Yep"

Me: "You are going to get married and have kids someday. Aren't you?" I think I have a fear that my children won't provide me with enough grandchildren. So I thought I'd start the nagging early.

E: "I don't know. I guess so. I think I will."

Me: "Well, you're the only one with our last name. You have all these sister's and cousins but they are all girls so when and if they get married and have babies then they will have a different last name. It's up to you to carry on our name." Nothing like a little pressure from Mom. Right?

I wasn't sure if Elliot understood what I was saying. But without skipping a beat he glanced at Tess and replied very matter of factly with, "Yeah, I know. She'll be like Tess Bufflockatoo. And her husband will be Mr. Bufflockatoo."

To which Tess replied with, "I don't WANT to be Tess Bufflockatoo! I will NOT marry Mr. Bufflockatoo!"

I have no idea who Mr. Bufflockatoo is. As far as I know, Elliot just came up with that name on the spot. If there is a Mr. Bufflockatoo though I sure hope he's preparing himself because Tess is quite a handful!


*Orville update* Poor little Orville is back at the vet today. He's been in and out of the vets since I first postd that he was sick. I was trying to have them do anything they could other than this crazy $150 test to see if he had a "foreign body" inside his body. Over the weekend, he wasn't able to eat without vomiting so back he went today to get the expensive test. They'll call me with the results. I talked with my sister, who is the cats real owner, and she said that if he needs surgery she just can't afford it. I'm crossing my fingers that he doesn't need surgery.


That darn cat

Orville is sick. He's never been sick. I feel bad for him.

Orville is actually my sister's cat. She moved out of state several years ago and we sort of inherited the cat. Hubby hates cats. Really doesn't care for them at all.

Orville likes me. He loves Elliot. They are kindred spirits. Brothers. The only two little boys of the house.

Orville hates Hubby. Not good.

So Hubby has mentioned several times that we need to get rid of that darn cat because the whole house smells because of him. Actually, it's just his litter box. And he really is a good kitty. Never having accidents or getting into things or anything.

Saturday night Marleigh came in to tell us that Orville had just thrown up and peed in the living room. Great.

Sunday morning Selah came in to say that Orville had left 3 piles of hoark and 2 piles of tinkle upstairs while everyone was sleeping. Thanks for the present kitty.

Needless to say, Hubby shut Orville in the bathroom after that so any more accidents would be contained.

Elliot and I took him to the vet yesterday. It turns out that although it's incredibly rare in male kitties, Orville has a UTI. He has bladder stones as well, luckily not large enough that they'll need to be surgically removed. However, he's on medication for 14 days and on a special food for 4 weeks and then on a special "maintenance" food for the rest of his life. It's $1/can. For cat food.

Our vet bill yesterday was $200. I'm sure you can imagine that Hubby is not pleased.

Poor little Orville. I feel so bad for him, just shut up in the bathroom and feeling icky. Elliot and I gave him his medicine this morning and then half a can of his special food. He threw it up though. Which means I have to take him back in because he shouldn't be throwing up.

My sister has contacted a friend that she used to volunteer with at the Animal Rescue Foundation. We'll see if we can find Orville a new home. Although it makes me terribly sad.

This is Orville not long after he moved in with us. When my sister named him, he was still a little kitten and was all white. Then in his first year he turned yellow but has these "O's" on either side of him. How cool is that. And he has the most beautiful blue eyes. He really is a sweet kitty.


Go me!

Just a quick little brag on my part.

I was just sitting her looking around online. I really should be up doing laundry and housework but I figured sitting online would be much more fun. Actually, I do have laundry going. That's gotta count for something.


I decided to search one of the products that I sell to see if it would get pulled up. Well it did, which is pretty exciting in itself. I mean, something that little old me makes can be searched on this world wide web and then found by millions. Amazing.

What was really exciting though was to see that I was mentioned in a blog. Some chic who has a blog and writes about all sorts of nifty finds actually mentioned me in her blog. And no doubt sent people to me. That's actually the second blog that I've seen where someone has mentioned my products. Pretty exciting.

Now if only the people who visit my site would just place an order already then we'd be on a roll!


Slacker Blogger


Craziness. Pure craziness I tell you. The last month seems to have just flown right on by. I feel like the kids just got out of school and we're still adjusting to summer coming. Instead, summer is nearly halfway over already. What's up with that?!

We spent a good part of June getting ready for my step-cousins wedding in Colorado. I ended up taking Sela (who was the flower girl) and Marleigh (who just HAD to attend a wedding so she could dress up fancy). I drove and made great time getting there and would have on the way home too if it wasn't for that cop in Wakeeny, KS who slowed me down with a traffic ticket.

It was a busy but fun weekend filled with lots of wedding events. And non-wedding events too, like our hotel fire alarm waking us up at 12:45 a.m. which resulted in all the hotel guests being evacuated to the parking lot for an hour +. I just have one thing to say about that...it's cold in the middle of the night in Colorado.

We were all concerned that Sela would get to scared and not walk down the aisle. I had bribed her by telling her that she would get her ears pierced if she made it down. The night of the rehearsal she was all gung ho until we started the actual practicing and then she started sobbing. She was so terrified. Luckily, a nice bridesmaid and my step-niece who is just a few years older than Sela ended up taking her under their wings and she did great. She did awesome for the wedding and looked beautiful. I was so teary thinking about my little step-cousin getting married but also watching my own little girl walk down the aisle and knowing that in what will seem like a blink of an eye it will be her turn.

Immediately after the wedding was over Sela wanted to know when we'd get her ears pierced. We made it back home to Oklahoma and set off for Claire's at the first possible chance we had. So now she's sporting a great new pair of ear rings. Big girl.

We (the whole fam-damily as my step-dad would say) are in Dallas now enjoying some nice r&r. We actually go home tomorrow and it'll be back to the grind. The week started with a trip on Wednesday to visit Hubby's brother's in Oklahoma. We had a great day at the lake with all of our families. Then we headed here to Dallas to stay at the Gaylord Texan, the best place to stay if you ever make it out this way. We love it!

We even stopped in Checotah, Oklahoma on the way here and looked around for Carrie Underwood. Didn't see her but I got lots of neat pictures of the "single stop light", the "Sonic", and "Eufala Lake" where she used to catch crawfish. Driving out of town we stuck her CD in and all sang along to "I ain't in Checotah anymore". Cheesy, aren't we?

That's it for my mid-summer update I guess. I need to do better about writing in this thing. I keep missing out on great info to add. Like Tess in the bathroom telling me how fast Eli was because he had a big tail. Maybe I'll save that story for next time though.