Snowflake fun

I'm sitting here at work, trying to avoid working. I don't feel well. Haven't felt well for 12 days now. I'm just nauseated and blah. No, I'm not pregnant. At least I don't think I am. Some major growing back together would have had to have happened for that to take place! I'm going to the doctor this morning at 11:00 so I'm just sort of hanging here waiting until my appointment.

So my friend Shari showed me this link to make a snowflake. It's awfully fun. You should try it out!

Need a Snow Day?Snowflake Fun!


Jana said...

Hope you get to feeling better SOON. Take good care of yourself, you've got alot going on these days.

Emily said...

What did the doctor say???

Thanks for the update!

Bon Bon Mom said...

The Dr. says I'm not pregnant. Duh. Had some lab work done at the hospital and should have the results this afternoon but as of yesterday they were normal. If they're still normal then I guess I'll go back in. ???