Diva much?

I'm cleaning the study today. Going through papers that have been just piling up higher and higher over the last several months. I ran across a paper of Sadie's that was stacked with several other school papers. I'm not sure that I ever read this, if I had I'm sure I would remember.

Sadie is very girly. I guess really all girls are "girly" to some extent. I thought Madi was when she first came along and while she is...she's nothing like the feel-the-pea-under-the-mattress girly that Sadie is. Neither is Teagan. Sadie is our one and only Diva, and while I appreciate her love for all things blingy and beautiful I really don't know if I could handle two of her.

This paper was apparently a spelling assignment where she was to use the word in a sentence, underline the word, and use proper puncuation. She did the assignment and got 100% on it. I wonder if her teacher laughed when she read it like I did. What do you think?

"I have to go to the bathroom." whispered Sadie. (I know, you're thinking that doesn't seem so out of the ordinary. Just wait.)

"Look at my outfit, its cuter than yours." bragged Sadie. (At least she realizes that acting like that is bragging. That's a good thing, right?)
"I'm weird!" joked Halle.

"Oh no you didn't, oh yes I did!" argued Sadie and Diana.
(I guess her teacher over looked that this was two people talking in one set of quotation marks. Possibly because she could just visual Sadie saying this with snaps?)

"Oh no! I got my $10,000 earrings muddy!" shrieked Sadie. (I hope she marraiges well. God bless her future husband!)

"Give me your creddit card daddy!" demanded Sadie. (Her teacher must have been laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes and couldn't see because she didn't mark off for the spelling of credit.)

"Give me that cute stuffed bunny!" yelled Sadie. (I wonder if she'd like a goose that lays golden eggs?)

"Yes, he is so funny and cute." replied, Sadie. (She's 8, gonna really have to watch this one!)

"Daddy, I want this phone." called Sadie. (She asked me just after Christmas if she'd be getting a cell phone soon. Um...no.)

"I want that puppy and I want it now!" demanded Sadie. (Whoa!)

"Me two! I have that phone and that one two!" answered Sadie. (Still...no.)

"Look at my shoes, there soo cute!" interrupted Sadie. (Wow.)

"Daddy I have a fashion show and dance show today." called Sadie. (Wonder if she called him on one of those phones she has.)

We are currently dealing with Madi starting to head down a path that we aren't happy with. Heaven help us when Sadie gets to be her age!


Melanie said...

This made me laugh! Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see what she's like in the teenage years. :)

Doctor Family said...

I hear ya. I think my Elle just might follow in her footsteps.

Okamejo said...

Love it!